Saturday, November 20, 2010

A chair and a thankful 40 year old...yes 40....

I am writing this sitting right here...just thought you might want to know:)

Well...I know I have not blogged in forever. It seems as though this past 6 months life has thrown some heavy things our way. We have had several tragedies at our church (my husband is a pastor)...and my mom was sick and in the hospital...then my dad had quintuple bypass...we lost a dear friend....and then is hard. Blogging just did not seem to fit in the midst of all of that. But how could I NOT blog the day before I turn 40! I started this blog as a means to journal the things I love and am thankful for...and I just have to share my blessings with you and for my children to read one day when they turn 40!

I did not know if I would make it to 40. It seemed like a far reaching and totally out of my control goal when I was younger. I was diagnosed with Lupus at 13 and Chrons at 19...when faced with death so young, 40 seemed a loooong way away. 

God has allowed me the absolute JOY of living these 40 years. I am so grateful...yes and maybe more grateful than some because I know the frailty of life and came to understand it young....for that I am grateful.

The JOY that God has so generously blessed me with are a thousand fold! I have made a is too long to share with you...but I will share a few...

Mom and Dad with our 2 kiddos...

These 2 people made me (although the though of it still makes this 40 year old want to gag...just like my son when he sees my husband and I kiss) They fell in love...and out of their love = me... (and 2 older brothers who are well past 40). I am so grateful for their love... they gave everything they new to do and be for us...and yes inspite of their imperfections have never left, never not picked up the phone, never said no when I really needed them to say yes...and most importantly have always pointed me and led me to Jesus. I am THANKFUL for my imperfect  pretty perfect dad and mom.


This man has a list of his own...he is the my every day. He has made my heart come to life in ways I did not know it could. He has softened what was rough and brought lightness to what was heavy. His promise to me on 7294 brought the kind of peace and hope and joy a little girl dreams about. He is my MAN. As we grow together and fight and struggle to be the followers of Jesus we desire to be, he holds my hand and I hold his. I never thought I could see on earth my weakness reflected back to me with such love...he gets it...I  am still growing. I learn from him EVERY day! He understands my Heavenly Father in ways I long for... he is the real deal...and I LOVE him SO much...he gets me and I get him....THANKFUL..truly THANKFUL.... p.s. he told me today that I am far more beautiful than the day we met, that all we have been through together has created a beauty in me he never even imagined...and that if I were (yes he said were) an old white chippy antique that he would pick me...he really gets it!.
ONE BLESSED GIRL! I pray the same for our children.

Handsome Dude.

This beautiful boy (I mean handsome dude...he is 10...I am learning the "appropriate" way to compliment him now). The JOY he has brought is un...well there are just no words. I am honored beyond measure to call him son. He is the kind of boy who lights up a room when he enters it... because he will say something like..."the party is here"...and he means it...and so do I . He is full of life and gives everything right back to life! He is honest and hardworking...hilarious...kind and respectful and dare I say sweet (shhh)...he cares about others...he loves Jesus...and his family...his friends...and oh yes his cat and dog too! I LOVE him in that unspeakable heart only can translate kind of way. I am SO THANKFUL for him and his LIFE in mine.

Sweet and Spicy.

Have you ever had something so sweet and spicy at the same time...I have. She is the definition of sweetness and the definition of spicy wrapped up into one delicious little girl. I am  honored beyond words that God has blessed us with her. She is JOY in its purest form...from her beautiful face to her beautiful heart. She is sensitive in the very best sense of the word ..she loves deeply...she is a character (well many...she loves to do out you might be next). She is diligent and hardworking. Kind and respectful. The sweetest kind of sugar when we snuggle and have "pillow talk" (as she named it)...she is creative and artistic and gosh just beautiful! I am honored beyond measure to call her daughter. She loves Jesus and her family and friends...and yes that cat and dog! I am SO THANKFUL for her and her LIFE in mine.


I have found true friendship here. We have laughed until yes I think we peed our pants (shhh), cried the ugly cry, fought like cats and dogs (I don't know who is the cat and who is the dog), we have encouraged and been encouraged, listened and talked (and by talk I mean like the atmospheric pressure truly changes when we get started), decorated and decorated....and then decorated some more...spend each other's money (and gained lots of points with the other's spouse in doing so), watched our kids grow and learn and have fun and fight...and teach us how to make up. We have prayed for each other and lifted deep sorrows and joys on each other's behalf. I know that we will see each other turn grey haired (or a light shade of blue)...and for that I am SO THANKFUL. I am also THANKFUL for Mr. friend...for putting up with and loving all of the above.

And for the other dear friends I consider family...for their love and compassion and lighthearted ways. They know who they are..cause when you live life together...well you just know.

Old & New chair.
And now for this...a chair...that caught my eye. Because it is old...."like 40  years or so"  the dealer said...yet it has brand new fabric upholstered to it to make is extra beautiful. I like it because it is both old and new. Here is to the next 40...I pray I age with all the beauty that comes from knowing where I have been and what God has blessed me with. I love Jesus with all that I am and He has made me...I am THANKFUL... soooo very THANKFUL.

Love and counting, Tracey