Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are going to be on HGTV!!!!!

Yup....we won a backyard makeover!!!
The new show is called My Yard Goes Disney.
The show is a partnership between Disney and HGTV.
It was one of those random experiences....
a friend saw the add that they were looking for families in the Orlando area...she face booked me.
I didn't see the fb message...but my mom did.
She called me and should enter that backyard thing..."What backyard thing?"...she explained I googled it...found it and thought to myself...
But you only had to send a short letter and photo from a recent Disney experience.
We just got of the new Disney Dream ship from our vacation literally the day before so I had TONS of I wrote a letter and attached a photos...and somehow the letter deleted in the process.
So I figured ahhh I won't bother and won't do it.
That night...My husband and I were talking about our day....what did you do ...what did you do...
that kinda conversation.
Somewhere in there I had told him about the contest.
He went in to try and find what I lost, and instead of finding it he recreated the letter....accept...
he is a WAY better writer than smart!
So he sent his version...and it SENT.
To spare you MANY, MANY, MANY days of details...I will fast forward to the day we found out.
We were getting ready to go to church.
It was a Wed. afternoon...we were getting ready to go teach the marriage class at church...getting kids ready...and the phone rang.
It was THE executive producer on behalf of HGTV we had met him several times by now and I knew his voice.
Although this time...his voice seemed to be a down.
He asked me to head outside so the kids would not hear the conversation...
My husband looked at me and I motioned a downward thumb to him based on the voice of the EP.
Outside I went...walked down the sidewalk...
and he finally said, "well....Congratulations!
 You won and welcome to HGTV!"
I screamed like I used to on Christmas morning only louder and longer!
I shook, cried and said things like...""Are you serious...oh my Gosh...I can't believe it...thank you..." like a hundred times!
Pure joy...excitement and gratefulness.

You will get to see our joy revealed on...
 June 20th on HGTV at 8:00 pm...the show is called My Yard Goes Disney.
The experience was Ahhhhmazing.
We have new friends, a new yard and 2 very, very, very happy kiddos...
(and 2 very, very, very, happy parents).

The experience has been a great teaching tool for our kids...

receiving a gift one does not deserve...but is freely given (sound familiar?)...

showing those who worked hard how much we appreciate their specific gifts and talents...

showing self-control (all of the windows in our house were blacked out for 2 weeks so the kids could not see what was starting in the backyard....true self-control...they never peeked!)

being completely DEpendant...on others..and being completely out of control...(we gave permission in the form of a contract for these people to do what they felt led to do in our yard...) It's kinda like telling a hair-stylist do whatever...and not looking till the last minute...However we KNEW we were in good hands...Disney...HGTV...yeah I'll jump!

Taking chances...and putting in Gods hands where all thing belong.

Giving HIM all the glory and praise for all GOOD things!

Learning to love the it together!

We will never forget this fun!

Our grand, grand, grand, grand, grand, grand (you get the idea) kids will hear this story! everyone you know to watch! If the ratings are there for them they will get picked up for more seasons and get to bless LOTS more families! So please post this close to JUNE 6th which is the first episode on HGTV at 8pm...we are episode 3 on the 20th!!!
Thanks friends!!!!

Dreams Do Come True,