Monday, January 31, 2011

Marriage Mondays... on the MAP

This is a map we bought on a recent trip, of our favorite Island...
we (he) will be making a frame for it...
there is a spot waiting over our love seat for turning over my blog to...
truly the best person I know...
and am more than honored to call husband!
Enjoy it ya'll!...I promise I am not even going to interrupt...or edit!
Here he is...

We bought this map at an old antique store (one of Tracey's favorite past-times) and I have yet to get the frame together. Half of me knows how hard it is to make 45 degree cuts and the other half is still working on the "honey do" list from last year. But I'll get there and maybe sometime within the next 30-40 posts you'll learn that the map is on the wall...

I'm gonna come clean and say that's it's much easier to keep the map rolled up than to take it out of its rubber-banded reality and put it in a conspicuous spot in the house. It's easier to remember with fondness the reason we bought the map (our favorite vacation destination is on it) than to do anything with it in the here and now. I think that's a lot like marriage. A man and woman remember with fondness the reason they first got married (some of us much longer ago than others) but being intentional about the marriage in the present moment is another matter entirely.

I want to hang-up on this blog post for all to see... some reminders of why it's essential to take the time to frame our marriages with great intention and care and to see our marriages as the most beautiful place on the maps of our lives. The marriage needs to become our destination of choice each and every day.

- Framing -
(the things that hold the whole "picture" together)

Communication: not just talking about the details of the day but talking about the "us" in the details. Ladies... did you know that women need to speak 20,000 words a day (on average) but for guys  it's about 7,000 words a day?
 Let that info...sink in and share it with your spouse...see what it causes in conversation about your marriage.

Affection: intimacy doesn't start and stop in the bedroom. Ladies... you know this but sometimes us guys need a good reminder. Just make sure to clarify your needs because although this may surprise you,
God did not give men the supernatural ability to read your minds. I have always thought that might have been the one and only flaw in His design...did I step on toes...I hope not...just being honest.

Starting with "us": the best way we can love our kids is to love each other. Children are happiest at home when they know their mom and dad's relationship comes first. Although it's easy to be a child-centered home... it's important to keep the marriage at the center. The kids get the most attention and love when things are good between mom and dad.

Time: in our busyness we've bought into quality time. What we need is both quality and quantity time. Are we putting dates on the map? Are we spending time in each other's interests (a week ago I couldn't sleep and so I spent the better part of an hour reading this blog. I went away loving Tracey even more because I invested in what's of interest to her).

Now all of this is good... but I'm aware that women get this stuff much more naturally than men. So what would I want to leave you ladies with?
At the end of the day husbands want their wives to be vulnerably transparent with them.

Often men are quite dense or easily distracted by work, finances, sports, hobbies, etc... We tend to be slower at processing and get stuck in tunnel vision (I can see and do one thing at a time whereas Trace can see and do up to 12 things at a time... I tell Tracey I'm a 3G and she's a 4G - she didn't disagree). But if you're willing to continue to share your heart and your needs and your hurts with your husband it will (for most anyway) get through the dull glaze and the thick craniums. You might be surprised to find that when you authentically communicate your vision for the marriage and how you want it to be on the daily map of your life... that your husband (if he has a beating heart) will more than likely process a while... but will eventually respond with a desire to take the marriage out of its rubber-banded reality and to frame it out smack dab in the center of your home, exactly where Jesus would hang it.

Thanks for letting me step into this world for a morning.
I'm a 3G in a 4G Blogging World but am so Happy to share in the stuff Tracey cares about.

Love You Trace!
Mr. 3G

O.K...I am back... I had to share one of my favorite photos of my 3 favorite people in the world!

Also I feel compelled to tell you...if you are struggling in your are not alone.
We have had seasons of deep struggle...with great counseling that led us through.
We may not know all of you personally...but we believe in your marriage...and know that if you pursue Jesus, your spouse and sound too can thrive.
 If you ever have questions or want a third party to communicate with...our e-mail is .

Love on the map,

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Exciting news!
Do you remember how exciting it was to loose one of those two front teeth!
Tonight our princess lost her first front tooth.
She could not stop smiling and giggling and looking in the mirror.
Her tooth is snuggled underneath her pillow...waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive.
The excitement and anticipation of something simply magical!

Our house is full of that excitement this week.
One week from today we leave for a cruise on the new Disney DREAM ship!
We are traveling with our much fun!
Guess what else....I found out that my best friend from Jr. high ...
(who is one of those friends who life just would have never been the same without..)
....also planned a cruise unknown to either of us...and she is on the same cruise!!!!
Crazy God thing!
Needless to say we are singing ..."It's a small world after all..." (pun totally intended)

So....being that I committed to post each day...I wanted to keep that commitment.

More exciting news...
I have 4 wonderful people who will be guest posting for me.

Melaine...yes...Melaine from My Sweet Savannah...
(I told her when she said yes...I felt like a Rock Star just said she would sing at my sweet 16th Birthday...
I know so dorky...but sooo true...hers was the very first blog I ever looked at!)

Lissa from....Humble Pie...who is as sweet as pie!

Tara...from Between you and me...
...who I have called friend for well over a decade now and brings
joy into each of my days with her friendship.

And....Ashley...from ???????
She is working on her blog title...hilarious...she cannot decide...maybe you can help her!
Ashley is a new friend but it feels like I have known her since we were toddlers...sometimes souls click!
Make sure to go to her blog when she posts and click "follow"...
..she is the kind of person you will want to read and follow and I really want to help her build her readership!

So exciting?
I think so!
 So while I am basking in the sun...eating whatever- -whenever...dancing with M.I.C.K.E.Y....
you will have lots of fun reading these great posts from some great ladies!

I don't leave for a week...and tomorrow will post...
"Marriage Mondays".

Love and tooth fairy duties call,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A chair, a bag...some sun and a friend.

It just so happened...
this morning I woke up and this is what I saw...
my favorite bag...on one of my favorite chairs...
with the sun just peaking through...

Simple moments...make the soul happy...
or at least this soul.
I have a friend...whose blog name is...

Check out her simple moments...
and enjoy this Saturday that will be full of them...if you have eyes to catch them!

Love and a simple bag on a chair,

Friday, January 28, 2011

A shower and a cake...

Our Bunco group had a shower for a sweet friend who is ready to POP!
I made this carousel cake to celebrate baby Zoe who will be here soon!
The cake is super easy.
Bundt cake.
(I used a cream cheese pound cake).
Cool whip as frosting.
Candy sticks as poles.
Pink paper cut to fit the top...
and of course animal crackers.
Super easy and looks sweet on the table.

It took everything in my kids not to stick their little fingers in the frosting.
To my knowledge they did not...hummm.

Found these heart straws perfect for a shower...and special baby on the way.

A basket full of baby essentials.
A chalk board tag..just in case baby Zoe grows up and wants to change it for her baby dolls.

No baby basket would be is the best! make older siblings giggle!

It was great fun laughing, playing....eating....celebrating all things baby!

Have a great day today!

Love and baby love,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rock Star Vanilla...

This is the rock star of vanillas...The Rolling Stones, Aero Smith...Floyd....they've got nothin on this vanilla.
Even the rock stars of the Food network use it.

There is truth get what you pay for.
I L.O.V.E. vanilla.
So I invested in the real good stuff.
I bought it at William Sonoma.
I am in LOVE.

I love the plain yet complexity to vanilla.
(I know sounds like I need to go see someone for that problem)
I have made...
oatmeal peanut butter chip cookies
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
chocolate chip cookies
cream cheese pound cake
(which I made for a shower...will post pics. soon)
sour cream pancakes...
(which are so good they deserve a post of their own)
...I have made all of these things and more since I got this vanilla.

If you like to bake...go get some...I promise it is way better than any other vanilla you have ever had!
Invest in really good's like having a Versace little black dress.
(which I totally don't have but would love some day...but would then need somewhere to wear it)

I hope you have a really great day, and that you get to run to WS for some really great vanilla!

Love and Vanilla Beans,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A snowman in Florida...

This dear white snowman pitcher was given to me by a sweet friend.
She knows I collect white pitchers...
(I did a post on them way back)
He caught her eye recently at an after Christmas sale...
She knew exactly where he belonged.
She is always thinking of the most personal of ways.
What I mean by that is she listens to what the people around her are saying...
she remembers their like, dislikes, thier sorrows thier joys...the things that make them...them.
I am blessed to call her friend,
and I make sure I let her know all the things I love...
cause she is a really good shopper...just kidding...kinda.

I am so glad that this snowman found his way to my house...
it is exactly where he belongs.

That's what friends are for...
knowing what belongs to our hearts and homes.

This little guy will stay out all year with my collection.
A reminder of the warmth that comes with friendship, love and intentional living.

My prayer for you today is that you receive and give lots of "white pitchers"...
Oh and collection is not quite done...just in case you were wondering:)

Love and a friendly snowman,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A friend and a family room...

I spent the day at a dear friends house....
(the above is not her house but it could be...)
What I love about her house is:
It is a reflection of who she is...and is becoming...
You can tell the people in the house are comfortable in their space...
The pets welcome you just like the people do...
there were homework papers out on the table, games...
and evidence that a full life was being lived in this home.
Ashley is updating her blog...she is changing the name...she is deciding what she will blog about each day...
I have encouraged her to go for it...
you will want to get to know her...
she is kind hearted, encouraging and truthful...she celebrates each person for who they are...
and for who God has made them and molding them to become.
I am honored to call her friend!
Today we refinished a dresser for her new guest bedroom...
she is going to guest post for me while I am 2 weeks...
she is gonna show you what we did today... when she guest posts for me...
don't miss it...a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

I pray for you today rich and dear friendships...a home where the people feel comfortable and loved...
that you will be encouraged to be exactly who God has created you to be...
...and that you will celebrate those around you with all the love and joy He celebrates you with! the room above...
so comfortable..
.love the ceiling...will have that somewhere someday...
love the clock on the side door...
hate playing monopoly...
but love the board game out on the table
 (Ashley keeps her scrabble game out on their coffee inviting)

Love and sweet friends,

Monday, January 24, 2011

A blank canvas and the big bad wolf...

Remember that estate sale I went to on Friday?
I went back on Saturday.
Ever see something and then cannot get it out of your mind?
As artists...once we get something in our head...
the image sits and stays there until we do something about it... least that is how I described the "torture" to my husband.

I could not get this piece and all that I could do to it to bring it to its full potential out of my head!
Do you SEE how big that front door is...
I could...
paint a saying or verse down the front...
I could simply paint just the door chalkboard...
I could paint a bird...
a landscape...
it is a blank canvas...
every artist dream...
I also told that to my husband.

You may not know this about us yet,
but my husband and I have spent years working with married couples.
We both have Masters in Counseling...don't worry we are "trained".
We love being married, we love the design of marriage...we believe in marriage...and we deeply desire to not only stop the reality of the divorce epidemic, but to enrich the lives of those who are living in this gift we call marriage!
So we have decide to share some stories and learning from our life and experiences with you every Monday!

Back to the artist in me.
I am quirky.
I literally get something in my head, like I said and have to do it.
Quirky artist... I am sure is not always easy to live with...
especially when you are the one lifting, moving, hauling, building, painting...
He lives into my quirkiness with me...He gets me...
He does not always like it...he huffs and puffs...and sometimes wishes he could blow this house down!

"Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other." Romans 12:10

He delights in me..most of the time.
I delight in him...most of the time.
"Most of the time"... will keep you on the path of a healthy marriage!
There has to be grace for each other as you learn to live into each others quirkiness.

Love and Quirkiness,
Tracey and The Big Bad Wolf

Next Monday...He will guest post...should be interesting:)...He is gonna tell us what guys really want...I told him..."no a post cannot be a three letter word and that's it :).."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jesus wanted a Biscuit too!

It is Sunday morning.
My Husband and I usually sneak in some great conversation and devotion on Sunday mornings,
 before our little ones wake up.
My husband is a pastor and has to go to church early.
While he was reading to me from the Bible...(during our "devotion time")
I was day dreaming biscuits.
I know (I think) we were somewhere in the Old Testament...
thats when our kids woke up and decided to crash our bed...and watch T.V...a Sunday morning routine.

I got up and started making biscuits.
The day dreaming started on Saturday.
Yesterday we went to the farmers market.
We just had our little M...she was so happy to have both mom and dad to herself!
We gave her money to shop and choose whatever she wanted.
She choose...

This organic...raspberry honey...made local.
So delicious...seriously bees do this?...such proof to me that God is divine!
And then she choose...

This sweet strawberry preserves...with pepper and raspberry and lemon...
made local by an older lady...she looks just as you would want her to look...
and you buy it cause shes so cute...and you know she stirred and measured all by herself...
singing Frank Sanatra songs as she stirs...

So I was seeing a theme with M...and asked her what she was planning on doing with her goods...
"I am going to eat them and you are going to make the biscuits to go with them."
Smart little thing...
...and her dad did not even put her up to it!

So how could I resist.
When I woke up this morning I had biscuits on the brain...I knew what was coming...mmmm...

Yes as delicious as they look...
both the biscuits and the kiddos.

O.K. so back to my husband who I essentially ignored this morning...
while he was reading so kindly and lovingly to me from ....somewhere in the Old Testament...
He knows I am a messy baker...
like I mean M.E.S.S.Y...
He calls me the tornado baker...
but is always willing to help clean up...knowing if he does...I will keep baking.
So this morning he left early... some flour on his iPhone...but decided to leave it...
to remind him of how much we missed him...

As I sat down to do this post...I first took a moment to read...
my Jesus Calling by Sarah Young...daily devotional.

And this is what it said...
"It's alright to be human. When your mind wanders while you are praying, don't be surprised or upset. Simply return your attention to Me. Share a secret smile with Me, knowing that I understand....."

Jesus wanted a biscuit too! ;)

Love and Biscuits,

Miles of smiles...

On a recent vacation our sweet 6 year old was walking along the dock...
when she saw the ropes hanging one after the other in this shape she said,,,
""Look mom look at all of the smiles"

I love seeing the world through their eyes.

What have you seen today that made you smile?

Love and miles of smiles,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Treasures and Menstruation....

(My new purchase)

Today I went to an Estate sale for the very first time.
It was adrenaline was pumping right before the doors opened.
What was going to be waiting for me.

I went with no expectations.
I left with a few treasures.

several vintage fishing hooks for my "Boyz"
2 packs of colored pencils
a silver hairbrush, comb and mirror set for my princess
2 stainless large mixing bowls
2 longenberger baskets (one small and one very large)
3 pairs of great scissors
some great tags
and my 2 favorites...

...the full antique set of 6  "Mothers Encyclopedia"...printed in 1933...
girls..I have been in hysterics reading the first book.
These books cover everything from measles to is hilarious!!!
I decided I would post weekly on these books until I have shared every last hilarious quote!
Let me give you a taste...
On menstruation..."Time after time the mother restrains the irritation which is surging in her, because she has definite standards for herself as a parent. She believes that a good mother speaks quietly to her children, strives to answer their questions and set a good example of self-control. She believes that it is a bad mother who takes out her irritation on her children."

Let me just is good to know that in 1933 women were dealing with cramps too!
However I will not judge you if your irritation shows its ugly head by not always "speaking quietly" or "setting the perfect example of self-control".
Girl...I raise my voice with the best of them, not always proud of it...but dear Lord the
"irritation which surges in me" during that time of the month....Lordy.
 O.K. so absolutely hilarious...worth every drop of standing in the rain waiting for the Estate sale...
and guess what?

I am so glad you asked...
I paid 3 dollars for the set...
looked them up on ebay...100 dollars...
yup...100 buckaroos!
So that was one of my 2 favorite finds at the sale...

...number 2 was even better... the sweet new friend my mom and I made!
We were waiting with another estate sale "newbe"...she loves Jesus just like we do...
(and ahhh can walk to her house!)
Jesus just has a way about Him...
He keeps His promises...
He answers prayer...
He really does hear us and love us...
He really means what He says...
"Lo I am with you always...even to the end of the age."
What could be better...
A new book(s), a new hobby (Estate sales), a new friend and a reNewed promise!

Love and Treasures,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not to crabby but maybe a little shabby!

Yesterday...and today are glorious days here in Florida.
I mean every bead of sweat in the summer is worth days like these.
75 breezy and not a cloud in the sky...Heaven weather.
Not to shabby.

This is not from a color wheel.
I literally put my camera to the sky yesterday and snapped a picture.
Blue perfection.
I love blue.
It makes me happy not blue...

When I was deciding on what to paint for over our couch in our living room,
I kept coming back to ...the blue crab...I could not shake it.
I love the beach and everything in and around it.
It makes my senses and my soul come to life.
As often as I can I bring that into our home.
Thus...the blue crab.
Which by the way if you have never seen one in person...they are so vibrant have the most amazing colors of blue and grey and rust...just beautiful.

The crab makes me happy...not crabby.
I think it looks "coastal shabby"...
(I make up words all the time sometimes they make sense and sometimes not so much.."coastal shabby"
...i think it works do you?)
We are so pleased with how it came out.
It is huge..I took a picture further back so you can get an idea of its size.

(Do you see the dust on my coffee table!!!
I did not see it until just now...ugh!)

So I love things shabby, crabby and blue...they all make me happy...I know kind of sappy (had to).

My hope for you today is that when you look up... see blue...
...and if not don't get crabby...
...find something that makes you happy... a crab...
just not a crabby crab.

Love and (well I was gonna say...Love and crabs..but that just did not sound right)..sooo...

Love and Coastal Shabby Blue Crabs (better?),

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The pantry makeover is happy girl!

This is before the makeover.
Not so bad but not so good...
Check out what we did.

I think I am in love.

Yup...I am..for sure...

This is one happy girl!
So happy I even posted a picture of myself...
it seems like that is one of the unspoken blogger rules...
not to post your own photo...
well I am delirious with joy of an organized pantry!

Here is how we did it...
Took down all of the shelving.
Put up bead board across the back.
Put the shelving back up.
Added white wood to top and front of shelving.
Went to T.J Maxx and bought containers and such.
Went to Michael's and bought oval balsa wood tags...
painted them with chalkboard paint...
attached them to the front of the wood shelving and on the baskets.
I have one more thing to do...
I am painting a sign for over the pantry that says...
Farmers Market.
I will show you that when I get it done!

Hope you all have a HAPPY day out there in blogger world!

Love and Pantry dreams,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Random lazy days....

The walls.
The old chair.
The old books.
The color of the shutters.
The shutters.
The floor.

We had a rained in day...which I much prefer to a snowed in day.
It was the color of these floors all day.
We stayed in P.J.s most of the day.
Made peanut butter, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies...yes...all in one cookie...
that's what you do on days like this.

See you tomorrow:)

Love and another lazy day,

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy times...

Love this clock face.
Going to paint one just like is on my long project list.
Today was a day like hands on the clock.
A long lazy afternoon.
I napped for 2 hours and can't remember the last time I did that!

Now I am going to get BACK into bed and watch the Globes!

Love and Lazy days!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday cleaning

Busy Saturday.
Cleaning out all of our cabinets.
Scrubbing them...everything in them...and everything around them!
Kids are playing.
Dog is sleeping.
Cat is watching the dog sleep (very funny actually).

Here is a sneak at the pantry.

I will post the pantry makeover on Tuesday!
Hey have you ever eaten pretzels dipped in nutella.
One of our favorite snacks!

Have a super great day!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A sticky situation.

So today is my guys day off... (he is a pastor so he gets Fridays).
I let him decide what he wanted to do.
He is well trained... and so he said..."Lets go eat breakfast at the Briarpatch in Winter Park."
Good man!
We had the BEST breakfast...and BEST conversation.
We shared one of these (well he got at least 2 bites).

The Briarpatch is known for these Brioche Sticky Buns...
Girl...if you are within driving distance go get one!
After that we shared the western...ahhhmazing.

So while all of that was going on (the eating and the talking)...
I was thinking in the back of my head...I have to finish the pantry...I have to post the finished product...
But I looked into my sweet mans eyes and knew...I would not finish it today!
A sticky situation.
Selfish desires...or focusing 100% on my guy for the day.
He is cuter, and he wins.

I hope you had a great day!

Love and Sticky Buns,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A pantry makeover and a marshmallow.

Cleaning out is always a good thing.
(Did that sound too much like Martha?)
We have been in a 24 hour project.
We have been cleaning out and renovating our pantry.
"We" did not know it would take as long...
"We" did not know that "we" would have to go back to home depot 2x.
"We" are VERY glad that this project that "we" thought would take 5 almost done.
This is our (and by "our" and "we" I mean "he" did 99% of the work and travel involved) before project...

I have felt just like this pantry this week.
Scattered, unorganized, cluttered, full of a bunch of stuff that needs to be thrown away and some stuff that just needs to be cleaned up and restocked.

Jesus is so good to bring to the surface all that needs to be tossed or dealt with.
He has promised to complete that which He has started in each of us...and I know this to be true
because He does a deep cleaning on me every so often.
I love what happens on the other side of His love, His teaching, His is a beautiful thing.
This kind of love brings with it clarity, peace & rest.

I love what my son said about our new pantry...
"Wow I would have never known how good this could look until we took it apart... can I have some marshmallows...I didn't know we had any."

My (all of our) relationship with Jesus is a journey.
I have no idea what he may uncover, add or takeaway from my life unless I allow Him to clean it out first.
I love marshmallows.
My prayer is that Jesus has unearthed some sweetness in me in this season that I did not know I had...
so I can share it in His name and to His glory.
The most beautiful people in my life are the ones who:

laugh at themselves

own their perceived imperfection as a means to a closer relationship with Jesus

do internal house cleaning (literally and spiritually)

invest themselves in the things and people they love

understand that all of us at one time or another are undergoing a personal renovation of sorts...
which means they have compassion

people who can use their experience to speak peace into the life of friend or family member

own when they are wrong... ask for forgiveness...and be o.k. if it is received or not

sit with those is sorrow...or when it just plain stinks

celebrate the joys of others

see the beauty in brokenness

see the beauty in wholeness

So here is to the marshmallow in all of us.
That we would allow Jesus to search -- restock -- restore all that is necessary for
the building and glorifying of His kingdom.

And in that, all things would become clear, and at peace in our soul.

phew...had to get that out of my system... I know you want to see the NEW pantry.
But I am not finished! I have a few more things to add...
(which decoded is I have to make a trip to TJMaxx to get a few more baskets)

and so you have to wait
and see the transformation tomorrow

funny how we want to see the finished product before it is ready

Love and Marshmallows,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mad skillzzz! still not working right.
I have very few computer I am completely dependant on my guy...
who is busy at work...
every time I go to import a picture it says...server error...but our server is fine and working fine...
my other guy...
 (the one on the other end of the phone who is also busy at work...helping this chick try to blog...says it should work....maybe by a  miracle of God it is something wrong with my computer...and I can get a fancy white..or maybe pink...or maybe ocean one)...
anyway if any of you genius blogger girls can away.

If I get my husband started on this computer issue tonight he won't help me with my special project I am starting...oh the dilemma.

I will have before and after PICTURES of my project...hopefully by the end of this week...
or maybe pictures AND a new computer...we will see (well hopefully you will see too!)

Love and MacDreaming,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Words and wonder...

I love computers...until they don't work.
My computer will not download any of my photos today.
Therefore I am left with words.

I am a person who loves the written word...but I love them much better accompanied by beautiful pictures...
I know this to be true of you as well..cause we bloggers love us some good eye candy!

Recently I found my daughter crying a soft sweet cry in her bed.
I was headed back in to turn out her light after she had been reading for awhile.
I asked her what was wrong.

I miss pictures... she said.
Pictures? I asked.
Yes momma now that I am reading chapter books there are no more pictures.


it does not fall far

Some of us just get life and learn from the beauty that we see.
You know you won't buy a cookbook either if it does not have great photos...I know you.
Think how genius it was of God to make beauty...and then eyes for us to take it all in...
and so gracious.
What a gift.
Appreciating all the beauty that is ours for the taking today...

...the beautiful glass jar full of shells sitting across from me
...the old chippy white and grey door hanging above my couch
...2 beautiful photos of my 2 beautiful kiddos
Ruby the grapefruit tree standing outside my window
Lucy our beast dog running out side
my wedding makes me smile
the old books stacked on my shelf
the fabulous huge floor lamp I scored at TJ Maxx
 amazing blue Florida sky
the load of unfolded laundry sitting infront of me (o.k. I won't get carried away)
the sign I painted..."It's a wonderful life"...
and it is...a wonderful life...full of beauty and blessing.

Enjoy seeing your day...add some words if necessary.

Love and picture books,

Monday, January 10, 2011

You would have to see it to believe it!

In an effort to try and stop eating junk get back on track.
I went and bought fresh Tilapia for dinner.

It might not be a pretty picture...but it was seriously good for you good food!
You really would not believe see my kiddos eat fish like they do!
They cheered when they passed through the kitchen and saw what I was making.
That might be the result of the fact that it is very possible they have not eaten anything healthy in about...
a month!
We have been living in Christmas carb heaven!
My kids ate EVERYthing on this plate!
The sauteed cabbage (which is one of their favorites)
The baked sweet potato fries (seasoned with chili powder...yumm)
It was their first day back to school...they were full of great stories...and now they are full of healthy food!

For the fish...I just lightly toss it in four, slat and pepper....quick in a pan with 1 tbls. canola oil to crisp the outside then into the oven to finish good!

Love and Clean plates,