Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We are going to be on HGTV!!!!!

Yup....we won a backyard makeover!!!
The new show is called My Yard Goes Disney.
The show is a partnership between Disney and HGTV.
It was one of those random experiences....
a friend saw the add that they were looking for families in the Orlando area...she face booked me.
I didn't see the fb message...but my mom did.
She called me and should enter that backyard thing..."What backyard thing?"...she explained I googled it...found it and thought to myself...
But you only had to send a short letter and photo from a recent Disney experience.
We just got of the new Disney Dream ship from our vacation literally the day before so I had TONS of I wrote a letter and attached a photos...and somehow the letter deleted in the process.
So I figured ahhh I won't bother and won't do it.
That night...My husband and I were talking about our day....what did you do ...what did you do...
that kinda conversation.
Somewhere in there I had told him about the contest.
He went in to try and find what I lost, and instead of finding it he recreated the letter....accept...
he is a WAY better writer than smart!
So he sent his version...and it SENT.
To spare you MANY, MANY, MANY days of details...I will fast forward to the day we found out.
We were getting ready to go to church.
It was a Wed. afternoon...we were getting ready to go teach the marriage class at church...getting kids ready...and the phone rang.
It was THE executive producer on behalf of HGTV we had met him several times by now and I knew his voice.
Although this time...his voice seemed to be a down.
He asked me to head outside so the kids would not hear the conversation...
My husband looked at me and I motioned a downward thumb to him based on the voice of the EP.
Outside I went...walked down the sidewalk...
and he finally said, "well....Congratulations!
 You won and welcome to HGTV!"
I screamed like I used to on Christmas morning only louder and longer!
I shook, cried and said things like...""Are you serious...oh my Gosh...I can't believe it...thank you..." like a hundred times!
Pure joy...excitement and gratefulness.

You will get to see our joy revealed on...
 June 20th on HGTV at 8:00 pm...the show is called My Yard Goes Disney.
The experience was Ahhhhmazing.
We have new friends, a new yard and 2 very, very, very happy kiddos...
(and 2 very, very, very, happy parents).

The experience has been a great teaching tool for our kids...

receiving a gift one does not deserve...but is freely given (sound familiar?)...

showing those who worked hard how much we appreciate their specific gifts and talents...

showing self-control (all of the windows in our house were blacked out for 2 weeks so the kids could not see what was starting in the backyard....true self-control...they never peeked!)

being completely DEpendant...on others..and being completely out of control...(we gave permission in the form of a contract for these people to do what they felt led to do in our yard...) It's kinda like telling a hair-stylist do whatever...and not looking till the last minute...However we KNEW we were in good hands...Disney...HGTV...yeah I'll jump!

Taking chances...and putting in Gods hands where all thing belong.

Giving HIM all the glory and praise for all GOOD things!

Learning to love the it together!

We will never forget this fun!

Our grand, grand, grand, grand, grand, grand (you get the idea) kids will hear this story! everyone you know to watch! If the ratings are there for them they will get picked up for more seasons and get to bless LOTS more families! So please post this close to JUNE 6th which is the first episode on HGTV at 8pm...we are episode 3 on the 20th!!!
Thanks friends!!!!

Dreams Do Come True,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day.

Happy Mothers Day Mom!
I love this picture it is my favorite of you.
Even though you grew up on a chicken sure are no chicken!
You have taught me how to live honestly...even when it is hard.
You have taught me not to be fearful of anything...and to trust all things to Jesus.
You have taught me what it means to be a wonderful, creative, generous, hospitable, fun, faithgiving, loving mom!
Thank you...for everything!

Kids this morning when you came into my bedroom...I could not help but think...this is YOUR day not mine.
You make me who I am as a mom.
The love I feel for you cannot be expressed.
Life became more became more clear...the day I met each of you.
I thank you for now and are my life and my joy!
Thank you for my sweet gifts this morning.
I am amazed at your intentional and loving sweetness that ooozes out of you both like the yummy cinnamon rolls you brought me in bed.
You are my dream come true!
I LOVE you!
Thank YOU for today and who you are!

Thank you Jesus for the gift of being a mom.
You Jesus are so gracious to allow the beauty of these relationships...I am eternally grateful!


Thursday, March 10, 2011


Gene Kelly in singing in the of my favorite scenes in a movie ever.
Today in Florida it is POURING rain.
Not the gentle sweet rain....but buckets!

Our Ash Wednesday service last night at church was amazing.
I l.o.v.e. my church....during and after the service you could feel the Holy Spirit whispering...
we are all in this together...
(no I am not going to break into a High School musical song).
It was beautiful to watch each family recieve ashes on their forehead.
To hear from Gods word...through the hearts of those sharing.
To sing the good news...loud and clear!
To watch the children and teens praise Jesus on this special day.

From dust we were created to dust we will return...
Rain washes those ashes away.
Today is the perfect day for rain.
What needs to be washed away...will be...what needs to remain will remain.
God is so good.

Rain brings beauty like this...

...and nourishment like this.

I love Jesus.
I love how He has seasons of reminding us who we are...who He is....and who we are in Him.

It is a beautiful day.
The sun is no where to be found.
But the SON is everywhere in this day!

Praying for you today...that the ashes are washed away in His time and Name and Power...
and that the anticipation of what is to come begins to grow in your heart.

"But as for me, I shall sing of Your strength;
Yes, I shall joyfully sing of your lovingkindness in the morning,
For You have been my stronghold and a refuge in the day of my distress.
O my strength, I will sing praises to you;
For God is my stronghold, the God who shows me lovingkindness." Psalm 59 16-17

Singing in the rain,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday and Family Games!

This week we have been playing our own version of minute to win it!
Each person in our family has to come up with their own game...with stuff from around the house!
This one was C's game. We had to sit on this chair and...

bounce a bouncy bouncy ball- and try to get it one of the bowls.
Ahhh...not as easy as it might look.
Very fun...just make sure that there are no precious glass things within a mile radius...just sayin.

This was Dad's game...stack the chairs.
Not so original...since it is a game in itself...but hilarious.
See M's awe of her big brother!
We got this game as a was from Target.
Very simple and the chairs are super cute.
M uses the sweet little chairs for her dolls as well.

M came up with this one...stack the cotton balls!
Have you ever tried to?
Go try now.
You will understand how long it took to get this picture.
Worth the wait...she was so excited that her game worked!

M played the games all week in these.
Hilarious...and so telling.
She can stack cotton balls...while standing in heels...girl has a future...proud momma!

We ate these one of the nights.
Simple tuna.

Simple games.
Simple fun.
Simple food.

Hope this gives you an idea for fun for your Friday.
We had a blast...sure you will too.

Love and 3-2-1 go,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Master Bath Dreaming...

We are planning our Master Bath makeover.
I have been planning it since we moved here 2 and 1/2 years ago.
I love this sink get-up.
I love even more the huge wire basket underneath.

Love the light fixture!
Love the warm wood of the mantel against the white.

Love the blue footed tub.
Love the half sweet and refreshing.
Don't like the purple in the light...and not so much of a fan of the Buddha...
but LOVE that tub!

The little sailboat on the side makes me happy!

Here is the question(s)...
All white...
or white and blue?

White distressed wood...or warm wood tone?

Who knows the very BEST bathroom mats to buy?????
I feel like I go through them like paper towels.
Know of any really great ones?

What are your favorite brand of towels?
I have never invested in really good towels.
I want all white ones in my whole house!
No more old beach towels for bath towels!

Love and Towels,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smiles...from hoof to gill!

Our M...LOVES horses.
I think every 6 year old girl does.
We had a great day with great friends...who have a horse... live on a lake...AND have a boat.
Our C... LOVES fishing.
It was a match made in heaven.
This was our day.

This is Grady.
He has Man O War blood...that's some good genes!

This is J.D.
He also has amazing heritage...I can't remember who though...
Both are amazingly sweet horses.
True gentle giants.
We all feel in love.

We learned what it means to be responsible for horses.

The kids got to brush and comb and bath the horses.

On tippy toes loving every minute of it!

So much that goes into owning and caring for these amazing creatures! The good...

...and the ugly.
The kids got a great understanding of what it means to care for something other than yourself.
I reminded them of the 100's of times I changed their diapers...even though it was stinky!
When you do what ya gotta do!

There is nothin better than 2 happy kiddos... a barn dog named Ranger...

and...a mini horse named....can you guess?....yup.... Seven.
God makes no mistakes...this time he named this animal Himself!
M was in LOVE...she tried very, very hard to get us to try and buy this sweet thing!

Our cowboy! See the dust...this horse was galloping...what fun!

M talked to them as if they had been life long friends.
She had NO fear and was in her element!

She learned how to hold the reigns..I LOVE this picture btw.

She was so proud to wear her boots!

Smiles tell a thousand words.

I caught her petting J.D. and telling him he was "such a good boy"....soooo sweet.

Fearless...galloping all on her own.
Clicking her tongue and kicking her heals to tell this giant to go faster!!!
She was in heaven...I was praying!!!
I really think she looks so natural up there...that scares me for several reasons...
1. Don't people fall of of horses?
2. Ahhh....can we say expensive?

We ended our horse part of our day like this...
Trying to get this horse to move!
The horse did not want to run with my man on his back!
When ever my husband is a pain in the.......I am going to e-mail him this picture...just to let him know.

I took this...
then I told Grady and J.D. that they were not cooperating with me...
and needed them to keep their eyes open.

They listen better than my kiddos!
I need THEM for the Christmas picture!!!

Then we went to the lake house.
Caught minnows.

C in his element.

Smiles tell a momma...a lot!

It was the perfect day!

We were hosted by the most amazing people.
Who love Jesus and love to share their fun!

So...I guess M is now going to take horse lessons... saving his pennies for "the same exact boat".

Lots to live and dream for!

Love and Phew...mommas tired,

Saturday, February 26, 2011

X Marks the Spot!

Remember that map?
Well here it is!
We stained a thin piece of moulding...cut it and literally nailed it to the wall.
I love it!
I choose this map for a very special reason.

I am one of those girls where everything in my house has a sentimental meaning.
The numbers, letters and decor in my house have purpose.
There is a story behind each thing.
It brings me life.
One of our favorite family spots is Anna Maria Island.
We love having this sweet reminder with us all the time.

This is just a close up of my PB pillows that I "invested" in a year ago.
I am an ocean could I walk out of the store without them!

A map is a great way to bring special family memories into your home.
Maybe one in your kiddos room of the city where they were born...
or of the place you honey mooned...
or got married...
or your first house...
or the city where you live now...
you get the idea...
Put your place on the MAP!

Love and X marks the spot,