Sunday, June 13, 2010

SummeR Rest! has been awhile since I have blogged.
I always said I would blog as long as it does not become work.
I so enjoy the creative outlet.
This summer I am however taking a rest!

Every once in awhile I get the desire/need to cut as much out of life as possible.
I have so many things in it that I love....
Just for the summer blogging became one of the things on the list.
So did many other
Real plates (only paper for the summer).
Making beds...don't worry the kiddos are doing that instead of me:).
Making dinner on the, subs and such instead!
Thinking about things that don't matter much in the grand you do know worry about things that don't really matter at the end of the day...or the end of your life...ya-that made my list. makes me feel cutting it I feel good!
Sadness -that I can't eat sugar...cutting that out too! not all together...but ever feel like doing more listening than talking...that's saying alot for a talker.
We took the kiddos out of everything accept vbs...just so they can be...and choose what they want to do each you remember those days...I loved those summer days as a kid!
Not only did we stop doing things we also decided to...

Start...playing more board games and cards. You know how when you are at a beach house for vacation
you always play cards and board games and love it! We are going to pretend we are at the beach all the time...(even though it is an hour away). Start making lots of fruit salads, pasta salads and grilled veggies! Start taking our weekly Sunday evenings to the ice cream store...while listening to Rascall Flatts!
Start Slowing down for a few months!

Taking time to let minutes and hours pass while doing a whole lot of nothing...but spending it with the people we love the most! Sounds amazing and soooo needed! I pray you find what you need this summer...I will catch you on the...

other side of a restful summer!

 Love and Rest, Tracey