Monday, March 29, 2010

"Clean Living"...pure white "living" rooms.

As followers of Jesus, this week means so much. It is a time for us to reflect on
how we are living-in the shadow of the cross.

So what does that have to do with pretty amazing all white "living" rooms?

I just imagine what life would be like in my house with white couches. Believe you me-I would love them! I think about them, plan for them and WILL get them someday. However...with two really dirty kids (and I mean "dirty" in the most loving way possible). They bathe every night-don't get me wrong...they both just find their way to dirt, and they love collecting stuff...dirty stuff...stuff that can't coexist with...beautiful white couches. Let me add to our children...two pets...a cat that only started to shed when we added the dog (the vet says its because of  "stress"...huh...why am I not shedding!)...a dog who loves to roll in dirt...the same dirt the children play in! get the idea...white couches...not a good idea.
What I love about this Holy week is the huge reminder that even with all of our dirt and stains we serve a God who cleaned it all for us! The dirt did not scare Him off...he takes our "slipcovers" and washes them...every stain, over and over again. heavnly "mansion" has white couches...but for now I will stick with my brown couches, my dirty sweet little children, "stressed out" shedding cat...smelly muddy dog.....and my KING Jesus-who gets the pure white, no stains thing...and washes me (what feels like a daily necessity...sometimes hourly.) clean by His love and grace!

So enjoy these pictures of these beautiful rooms...

and at the same time be ever grateful for the "dirt" in your life...

and for the KING who washes it all clean...grace...grace...Gods grace.

"As for me and my house...

...we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15

By His grace and with His love...Tracey


  1. i love the correlation - what a great one! BTW - i got white slipcovers almost 5 years ago and will NEVER go back. and i have 3 dirty ragamuffins! You can't bleach a colored couch - but you can a white slipcover! Just sayin - best.thing.ever!

  2. love this post...great hanging out today!

  3. Meeting you today at the Estate Sale in Oviedo was devine. Seriously, God showed me yet again how he answers the prayers I send to Him. My heart has been praying to meet people in my area that simply know the Truth of our Savior and enjoy the simple things in life. :) Your blogs are great and your babies are beautiful! Let me know if you and your Momma ever want to stop by and give me your opinions on how to make my little house more of a home :)!
    (the door to 1064 kelly creek is always open)

  4. amen!

    i'm waiting for the day i can put together my own beachy cottage oasis one day as well sister! currently, i've got two boys and one really spoiled welsh corgi so i'll just enjoy the eye candy right along with ya. :)

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