Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday dear friend....

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Tara...Happy Birthday to you!

Today is Tara's bloggy birthday...she is one year old!
Tara introduced me to blogging.
She showed my this for the first time and I was hooked!
We recently had a conversation about blogging.
I have blogged on and off for the past year.
Not committed, love looking at blogs...but not sure if I like leaving comments,
and was not even interested in blogging each day.

I was in a blogger "funk".

I noticed that Tara when referring to a blog would use the persons first name...not their blog title.
I realized I had been approaching blogging from the wrong perspective.
These are people...not titles...not pictures of white kitchens...or living rooms...people...like me.
I know I was behind the curve (not so unusual)...

I found it strange honestly to be connected to someone I had never met in person.
Being a "people" person and a person who has worked my whole life listening to peoples most sacred stories and lives as a counselor...it seemed a strange forum to "connect" with people via a computer.

How wrong I was.

I have now...after that conversation...started approaching "people" on blogs.
I have enjoyed blogging so much more.
I am enjoying getting to know these friends...and love seeing the creative in so many people.
I just love getting lost (when I have time)...going from person to person.
You know when you have been on for an hour and find a whole bunch of new friends you did not even know existed...and you have know idea how you got there!
Love it!

Thank you Tara for introducing me to a whole bunch of new friends!
Happy birthday to my dear friend!

Head over to her place today and wish her happy birthday!
She has a great giveaway...the best I have seen in blog world...and I have seen them in person...amazing!

I was thinking that on your second birthday we would celebrate here instead...

Are you in?

Love and make a wish,


  1. Hi Tracey,
    I couldn't have expressed this better myself! This is exactly how I feel and have felt for the past year...it's a big world and it's amazing we can all connect the way we have. I am thrilled to have found both your blogs!

  2. Good morning Tracey!
    I found you through Taras blog birthday..isnt she a sweetie?!
    So nice to meet you here and Im your newest follower (purehunnybee)
    I look forward to chatting and getting to know you here in this very special world.
    I am enjoying my visit here already.. :)
    Have a great day and please do drop by my place
    for some friendship and a hot drink!

    With all my heart...Deborah :)

  3. Thank you, friend.
    I can tell that you are enjoying blogging more, and it makes me happy to see that you've found your place in it. :)

    You are easy to love, and I'm excited for you to share yourself with some of these amazing bloggers out there...you have so much to offer!!!

    Ummmmmmm. I'm definitely IN on celebrating my 2nd birthday in that dreamy location.

  4. happy to have you 'approach' me. i would love to get in on that vacay, too. wink, wink.

  5. How about a 'blogger Retreat' to the above place!!! I'm in! I'm so thankful for both you ladies who, through your blogs, helped inspire me to come into this wonderful world of friendship, sharing and creating!
    Patti =)

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