Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday and Family Games!

This week we have been playing our own version of minute to win it!
Each person in our family has to come up with their own game...with stuff from around the house!
This one was C's game. We had to sit on this chair and...

bounce a bouncy bouncy ball- and try to get it one of the bowls.
Ahhh...not as easy as it might look.
Very fun...just make sure that there are no precious glass things within a mile radius...just sayin.

This was Dad's game...stack the chairs.
Not so original...since it is a game in itself...but hilarious.
See M's awe of her big brother!
We got this game as a was from Target.
Very simple and the chairs are super cute.
M uses the sweet little chairs for her dolls as well.

M came up with this one...stack the cotton balls!
Have you ever tried to?
Go try now.
You will understand how long it took to get this picture.
Worth the wait...she was so excited that her game worked!

M played the games all week in these.
Hilarious...and so telling.
She can stack cotton balls...while standing in heels...girl has a future...proud momma!

We ate these one of the nights.
Simple tuna.

Simple games.
Simple fun.
Simple food.

Hope this gives you an idea for fun for your Friday.
We had a blast...sure you will too.

Love and 3-2-1 go,


  1. So cute!
    Heels and games I think the girl has more talent than I do!
    Enjoy this time with family, your building memories they will never forget!

  2. Love family game time. I would like for us to do this....come up with our own it.
    The sandwich looks yummy!! Simple times equal the best memories.
    Have a good weekend.
    PS...the high heel wearing....the best!

  3. awesome - you're creative - we just rely on the box game version - i don't think i could think it up on my own! LOL. good times :)

  4. Love the pic of Molly in Courtney's old shoes...I'll have to show her :)

    Oh and tuna sandwiches and french fries are one of my fav dinners...just sayin :)

  5. Love your daughter in those heels!! My girl does that all the time sometimes I'm amazed at how well she walks in them!

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