Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Master Bath Dreaming...

We are planning our Master Bath makeover.
I have been planning it since we moved here 2 and 1/2 years ago.
I love this sink get-up.
I love even more the huge wire basket underneath.

Love the light fixture!
Love the warm wood of the mantel against the white.

Love the blue footed tub.
Love the half curtains...so sweet and refreshing.
Don't like the purple in the light...and not so much of a fan of the Buddha...
but LOVE that tub!

The little sailboat on the side makes me happy!

Here is the question(s)...
All white...
or white and blue?

White distressed wood...or warm wood tone?

Who knows the very BEST bathroom mats to buy?????
I feel like I go through them like paper towels.
Know of any really great ones?

What are your favorite brand of towels?
I have never invested in really good towels.
I want all white ones in my whole house!
No more old beach towels for bath towels!

Love and Towels,


  1. glad we're not the only ones who go through bath mats like that...i thought we were just weird:D! looking forward to seeing the progress...

  2. I love the blue bathroom just enough colour, and isn't the white buddha wonderful:)
    Sharon xoxo

  3. I love an all white bathroom. Not sure why. I guess it feels clean to me.
    I also only have all white towels in my whole house. I LOVE them. They don't fade and they can be bleached if they get stains.
    My favorite our Ralph Lauren. They are nice and soft anf fluffy. I get them on sale at Macy's so they are really afforable. Just keep checking. Macy's puts them on sale every few months, maybe even more frequently.

  4. would love to see your double vanity have open cabinets with baskets and would also love to see them a warm and distressed wood tone.....

    ralph lauren does make the best towels...had them when we first started out...wedding gifts. they lasted for years!

    i'm sure whatever you do to the bathroom, it'll look fantastic....can't wait to see the process.

  5. I am totally in love with that blue color. Both my bathrooms are that color only a little lighter. And the mantel behind the tub is amazing! What a great idea...have to stow that idea away for our new place

  6. Please go check out Fantasy Blue by Ben Moore. I used it in my last home's master bathroom and it's kind of in between the blues of your last two pictures. It's the prettiest blue ever, and I will admit that I was scared that it looked like toothpaste and that I made a huge mistake when I opened the can. But no - it was so spa-like and serene....especially paired with lots of white!
    Love that big huge basket in your first photo! What a fun project.

  7. It sounds like your a lady with a lot of questions, LOL! Here is my two cents worth . . .
    I would pick an all white bathroom and add just a few touches of blue. In my mind bathrooms are meant to be white and blue, but mainly white. It's just such a cheerful, clean look for a room in the house that you want to look fresh and clean.

    I'd pick white distressed wood. It's a personal favorite. I would add an element of natural wood somewhere in the room for balance in the form of a bench/chair or mirror.

    As for bath mats I have had the same problem in the past. The rubber backing always seemed to crack or stain and I just hated the way it was such a pain to clean. Finally I decided to give the towel bath mats a try. I now swear by them. They dry fast, are nice and fluffy and are a snap to clean. Plus they are much easier on the buget than the rubber backed types which makes it easy to stock up. I pick mine up at Kohls. They have a wide variety of sizes and styles which is nice.

    I haven't bought any new towels in years, but if I could I would also go to Kohls. My sister buys her's there and they are so comfy looking and soft I always warn her she may be missing a few after I leave. Plus Kolhs has really good sales, which helps.

    whew! Looks like I'm in a chatty mood tonight. Hope my two cents worth was helpful.

  8. I got a set of Pottery Barn bath mats a few years ago (years, plural) from a friend of mine - that decided she wasn't using that color in her bathroom - i can't kill the darn things. And i wish i could because i hate the color (cranberry) now and they are in perfect shape and i feel extremely guilty about getting rid of them.

    Definitely blue and white - i have sand, blue and white in my master bath and it makes me feel like i'm at the sea. Not totally sold on the wood thing but i do love that mantle and door in that one pic. that's gorgeous.

    I'm sure it will turn out pretty no matter what you do :)

  9. I love your inspirations! The claw foot tub is perfect and that mantel! aahhhH!!! I like all white bathrooms with touches of color, so you can bring in the blues with towels and such and then change if you want without having to repaint. Either way you go, it will be beautiful, those are my favorite colors! :) Not sure about towels and bath mats, I usually gt mine from Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.

  10. How about mostly white with touches of blue and wood tone. As to whether it is refined wood tones or rustic, I think you could go either way. Can't wait to see your pics. By the way I am having a giveaway over on my Gloryfeathers blog if you are interested. I would definitely use a bit of that blue. It is so restfull and more fun than all white.

  11. Love all the images...but the last one is my favorite. Love the sailboat, too. I have searched for "good" bath mats for years. The last ones I purchased at Cost Plus World Market....and they have been my favorite.

  12. Tracey, I randomly found a picture of the blue I mentioned when I was doing spring cleaning on my blog (my actual house....not so much :)
    I thought of you. If you're interested, scroll down, it's near the end of the post! -Lisa


  13. Hi Tracey. I have that metal basket you like only I use it as a window basket on the playhouse. I've been waiting 6 years so far to do my master bathroom! Your inspiration photos are gorgeous!

  14. ps the hotel collection towels from macy's are by far the best but they're pricey unless they're having a good sale.