Monday, May 17, 2010

Flea Market inspiration from BH&G.

Could not help but grab the new BH&G magazine "Flea Markets 100 ideas".
Since I have been in blog world I have not bought magazines as much...but it was staring at me...
I believe it called my name...I figured it was calling your name here are
a few pictures from it! Great inspiration!

I have several of these wire baskets...but none this big...on the list though!

I love this refrigerator! Chalkboard, black and white photos and especially
the twine on the handles! Who ever said you can't put a filing cabinet in your kitchen!

Simple...and all flea market finds!

Going to flip again through this magazine...dream about flea market finds...
and finish painting the 2 new lamps I got...that are getting the
creamy white, antiqued treatment!

Love and flea market dreams! Tracey


  1. Love all of these gotta love anything with a chalkboard;)!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. How beautiful! I was thinking about getting that magazine as I thumbed through it at Home Depot the other day...but I didn't. Maybe I will. I love inspirational photos.


  3. I haven't seen this one yet but I will be buying first thing in the morning! I have all flea market and junk store things but I can never put it all together like the magazines show - I think the trick is not to spend too much time thinking about placement....I think I might play around my house tonight!
    Thanks for sharing the photos and can't wait to see your lamps. :)
    Have a wonderful evening ~

  4. love all the pictures...not sure if I can just look at yours...may have to pick my own copy up!

    Can you imagine what our husbands would say if we seriously wanted to paint our fridges with chalk board paint?

    Will they survive us decorating our homes together?

  5. My magazine habit used to be expensive! You are right, the blog world has slashed that to almost nothing! I love the pics, thanks for sharing!