Friday, May 7, 2010

True Nourishment...

Today I was at a mothers day tea with M's kindergarten class.
The teacher was so amazing and prepared an amazing morning for us.
We waited at the door and one by one each student came to get their mom and held their hand
guiding us to our seat. Once seated we were treated to several mother's day songs.
 On our table was a book that each child made. Inside there were several questions
about what makes us special as moms. We (the moms) were amazed at the common answer to one of the questions. What is the most important thing about your mom... (and then there is a blank for the child to fill in). Almost every child said something like, "she feeds me" or "she cooks for me" or "she does the grocery shopping for our family"....hmmm

Life giving and sustaining.
At our core we need to be nourished to survive...
to thrive...

For the past three weeks I have changed my eating habits drastically.
I went from eating whatever-whenever to...

Whole Grains
Did I mention Vegetables?
Thank God I don't have to eat worms like these cute baby birds!
Did I mention Vegetables?

I am learning what it means to be nourished.
What I "think" I need and "want"...

to true nourishment...what my body needs and wants.

"You are my strength when I am weak you are the treasure that I are my all in all...
When I fall down you pick me up, when I am dry you fill my cup,
Jesus Lamb of God worthy is your name."

True nourishment comes from one place...the love of Jesus.

Think about it...the love you have for your will do whatever-whenever to make sure they are nourished (even if it does mean going back to the store yet another yet another meal)...
It is simply what we do out of our love.

Jesus simply loves us, and we will always find what we need exactly when we need it-in Him.
He is my true nourishment.
I survive and thrive simply because of His love for me.

As I read the rest of the booklet from M I also learned that she
"loves me more than her puppy"... and that my "smile is prettier than flowers"...and that her favorite thing I do
is "kiss her each night before bed"...


Love and Vegetables, Tracey


  1. What a blessing to read those words from your daughter. Such a blessing. I agree...true nourishment only comes from the Lord...but isn't He good to bring people in our lives (our children, too) to remind us of His love & care for us?


  2. So true Tracey...He is my all in all! I am nothing without Him!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day!


  3. So true Tracey...............God is great !

    Blessings and hugs from me ...........Ria