Monday, May 3, 2010

Cottage dreaming...

Just doing a little dreaming....!
(While home for the day with a sick little one:(

Ever look at a picture and think...humm...what would I add ? too...
So glad you asked....
Other than myself sitting in an old white chair...drinking a cherry limeade...watching the whales jump in the distance...I would add: White flower boxes with lots of white flowers, blue hydrangea bushes along the sides of the house, a big old weathered cut out of a whale on the side of the house, and a great white weathered mailbox attached to the house on the front porch with an old welcome sign that looks like it is as old as the sea!

What do you think?
What would you add?

Love and cottages, Tracey


  1. Myself, sitting next to you and our kiddos running and playing along side! Beautiful!

  2. yep...I'll put myself with you and Megan and all the kids!!!