Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sailing, gliding and a little gazing....

Have you ever taken a sunset sail?
This summer we chartered a sail boat (yes it came with a worries).
It is by far my favorite thing we have ever done!
We took the kiddos, and my parents along for the Anna Maria Island adventure.

Have you ever wondered what God was doing at sunset...I know...he is busy creating a masterpiece!
I cannot begin to tell you 1. how many pictures I took, 2. how many times my kids have asked to live on a sail boat and much God revealed and taught during one evening sail.

"Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait for Him to act..." Psalm 37:7

Guess what friends...that boat was going nowhere fast without the gift of the wind.
Unless of course we turned on the man made engine attached to the boat.

It was the most peaceful and satisfying feeling to feel, hear and experience the sail being filled and the boat begin to glide.

I am learning to be still in His presence.
Waiting for Him to fill me.
Waiting for Him to set me gliding.

There is nothing more beautiful.

We turned 16 this summer...on July 2nd.
This great person (whom I have the privilege...(most days:)...of calling husband)...lives in that gliding state.
I learn from him each day what it means to live into Gods presence.
This picture is my favorite of him...maybe ever.
See-I know what he is thinking...I don't need to see his face...I know his heart.
My husband is in this HIS presence.
Reflecting the SON
Nothing more beautiful.

I really pray that today you get even a few minutes to reflect on the beauty of Jesus.
He is already ready to fill our sails and set us to gliding...the "man made" way requires far more repairs, is noisy, stinky and more bumpy.
As for me and  my house...we are gonna depend on the wind...and glide...

Happy Sailing!


  1. This takes me back to my childhood. Sunset sails, sitting at the bow with my feet dangled over the side taking it all in. Thank you for taking me back there to be in God's presence again in my memories.

  2. I would LOVE to play bunco with ya'll :) Email me at with details and I'm in!

  3. Oh yes, we did an all day boat excursion in Maui this summer and it was bliss! Your pictures are amazing - especially the first one...frame it!

  4. Beautiful Tracey!!! I LOVE sailing, and I know the peace and lessons you are speaking of. I grew up sailing on the Chesapeake, but would give anything to re-visit those time now as an adult with a different heart and eyes for the Lord.