Sunday, February 27, 2011

Smiles...from hoof to gill!

Our M...LOVES horses.
I think every 6 year old girl does.
We had a great day with great friends...who have a horse... live on a lake...AND have a boat.
Our C... LOVES fishing.
It was a match made in heaven.
This was our day.

This is Grady.
He has Man O War blood...that's some good genes!

This is J.D.
He also has amazing heritage...I can't remember who though...
Both are amazingly sweet horses.
True gentle giants.
We all feel in love.

We learned what it means to be responsible for horses.

The kids got to brush and comb and bath the horses.

On tippy toes loving every minute of it!

So much that goes into owning and caring for these amazing creatures! The good...

...and the ugly.
The kids got a great understanding of what it means to care for something other than yourself.
I reminded them of the 100's of times I changed their diapers...even though it was stinky!
When you do what ya gotta do!

There is nothin better than 2 happy kiddos... a barn dog named Ranger...

and...a mini horse named....can you guess?....yup.... Seven.
God makes no mistakes...this time he named this animal Himself!
M was in LOVE...she tried very, very hard to get us to try and buy this sweet thing!

Our cowboy! See the dust...this horse was galloping...what fun!

M talked to them as if they had been life long friends.
She had NO fear and was in her element!

She learned how to hold the reigns..I LOVE this picture btw.

She was so proud to wear her boots!

Smiles tell a thousand words.

I caught her petting J.D. and telling him he was "such a good boy"....soooo sweet.

Fearless...galloping all on her own.
Clicking her tongue and kicking her heals to tell this giant to go faster!!!
She was in heaven...I was praying!!!
I really think she looks so natural up there...that scares me for several reasons...
1. Don't people fall of of horses?
2. Ahhh....can we say expensive?

We ended our horse part of our day like this...
Trying to get this horse to move!
The horse did not want to run with my man on his back!
When ever my husband is a pain in the.......I am going to e-mail him this picture...just to let him know.

I took this...
then I told Grady and J.D. that they were not cooperating with me...
and needed them to keep their eyes open.

They listen better than my kiddos!
I need THEM for the Christmas picture!!!

Then we went to the lake house.
Caught minnows.

C in his element.

Smiles tell a momma...a lot!

It was the perfect day!

We were hosted by the most amazing people.
Who love Jesus and love to share their fun!

So...I guess M is now going to take horse lessons... saving his pennies for "the same exact boat".

Lots to live and dream for!

Love and Phew...mommas tired,


  1. Great, great pictures of a wonderful day!! So glad y'all had a fun family day and the kiddos look like they were having the time of their lives! Fun, fun!! Get some rest :)

  2. Beautiful pictures and their faces tell it all! What a perfect day and I love the picture that you will use for your hubby! ;)

  3. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day! Everyone looks so happy :)

  4. Adorable pics!!;) ~*Im having a giveaway at my blog if your interested!! ~*~Hugs,Rachel
    French Farmhouse 425

  5. Love these pics...some friends are getting ready to adopt a sweet girl from China..this Spring. So excited for them. Looking at your daughter makes me think about them....GOD is so good.

  6. Great pictures! Looks like a wonderful time!

  7. What lovley kids you have, looks like a great family day:)
    I have given you an award please pop over to take it. Sharon xoxo

  8. Love the two close up shots of the horse - very cool.

  9. I love all the horse shots. If we ever move to the country, I've promised we'll ride horses. We just watched Secretariat and Flicka. Two good family horse movies that have us in the mood! And with it being rodeo time here in Houston, we're in total cowboy mode! ;)