Friday, April 30, 2010

A grateful gardener...

This is what has been going on in our own backyard
Right under our own noses!

Do you ever fear missing what is going on right in front of you?
I am thinking today of how quickly time is almost out for the year, birthdays are coming quickly...I want to hit the stop button...I like it right here! My Children still listen to me (well most of the time), they still want to sunggle and play....they really like us...we are still cool (well most of the time)...

I know that with growth comes pain-it just is-we can't escape that...

I also know if I focus only on the growth...I will miss the beauty!
I know it's profound for 8 in the morning...just trying to get through this...
 don't want them to grow any more!

I get it...the whole purpose is for them to grow up, and be who they are called to be.
My husband and I are simply the gardeners...watering, watching, pruning...loving, encouraging, disciplining...

Jesus-help us!
Teach us to be the gardeners we need to be, let us love our little blossoms the way you care for us!
Give us the strength to let them be who you would have them to be.
Lord let us never ever be too busy to see them growing...and all the beauty that goes with that!

Love-A grateful gardener-Tracey


  1. You have beautiful roses and beautiful kiddos! I am rose challenged - I have four rose bushes that grow maybe 5 roses a year, combined. I am much better at children! Happy Friday!

  2. Beautiful post. I love how just being out in nature gives you so many thoughts about God and analogies for life in Him. I too am reminded every day of the fragility and tenderness of life. God is good to share with us life's lessons in such a beautiful way as He speaks to our hearts.



  3. Wauwww Tracey what a beautiful rose !!!

    Sweet kids you have !!!

    Have a great friday....hugs from Ria

  4. love the flowers...absolutely beautiful!! I might just head over and pick a few for my house!