Friday, March 19, 2010

The heART of the festival...Winter Park

Today was the first day of the 51st Winter Park Festival!
I am going to share some of my favorites with you. Above is on my "to buy" list.
This artist: Doug Bloodworth is amazing...This painting of cherry pie...was my favorite. Please check out
his site: . This art will be the focal point of any home! My husband is planning on getting one of Doug's great cartoon pieces...truly amazing!
He was choosen to be judged at the festival...hope he wins!

Maryann Schmidt is an artist from upstate NY. Her work is so realistic, the lighting in the work was so impressive. See how you can look through the glass bottles...spectacular work. She was a joy to talk to. Check out her Can't you just see one of these painintgs over your couch!
I can!

This painting by Randy Eckard caught my eye... I "reminded" my husband that our anniversary is not far off.
Mr. Eckard overheard and kindly handed his card to my husband...I saw my husband put the card in his
wallet...fingers crossed! It is even more beautiful in person! So real...go enjoy all of his work

Something a little different...I wanted to take this dog home with me (and quite honestly trade it for the real one living with us...shhh). Great imagination and use of old stuff! Love it...check out all of the unique pieces

I wish you could get the full effect of this art work, it was stunning...I'm crossing my fingers for one of these as well! Bruce is actually selling his prints on worth it! For those of us who may never live on a farm...we can sure dream of it by looking at one of these! The originals are 3ft by several inches...absolutley love! He was a sweet man..with tons o talent! Find him at

There were so many more...I will have to do another post on these amazing artists. I decided today, while
walking through the goal in the next 2 years is to be one of the artists showing there. As I am growing ever so close to ...40...ugh...I am really going to focus in on my heART.

Oh...thought you might want to see some of the food we consumed...any good artist loves to eat..

Rasberry Brie Stuffed French toast...ya as good as it looks.

So sweet cherry and apple tarts...and look at this for real lady who makes them...

She calls these her..."little Angels"...ummmm

I would love to be your "tour guide" at the 52 Winter Park Festival....just let me know!
Maybe I will even be one of the Artists...
Enjoy your weekend...headed to yardsales in the morning...will let you know what I found!
Full and satisfied....Tracey


  1. it doesn't take much more than Winter Park and an Art Festival to satisfy, right?

    Wish I could have been there with you!!!

    looking forward to yard selling tomorrow morning...bright and early!!!

  2. Please check out other Doug Bloodworth paintings at