Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring into Monday!

Source: MHI

Like seriously, how could one ever be grumpy in this room! It is truly Spring in a room! I have looked to see
if bunnies and butterflies are going to pop from under and above things! A happy room for sure!

Source: MHI

Can't you just see 10 little girls sitting around this curved couch
dressed and ready for an easter egg hunt?

Green grass...the color of spring...brings life to a room!

Source: BHG

Love the colors...have to say I am not so bold...I love my white, creams, blacks and bluegreens
but I think I would love shopping with these people for a day...I bet they are fun! This room truly welcomes spring!

Source: Flicker

Now don't you want to just eat one of these in one of those sweet rooms!
Happy... Happy... Monday!
Spring is here!


  1. Give me one of those cupcakes and some pink lemonade and put me in that first room....ahh!!!!!!!!

  2. I don't think I could ever have one of those rooms in my house but it would be fun to pick a few items from each - or visit one!
    The bravest I get is fresh flowers for color ~


  3. love it that shade of green...and of course, LOVE the cupcakes! wanna go to Sweet and pick up a dozen with me?

  4. Hi Tracey! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog! That's wonderful that you've started a blog of your own :) I love it already!

    Can't wait for more posts!

    Take care,