Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Blues...

Ther are so many things that bring me joy!

This color blue is one of them.
I love the ocean and grew up around the water. I have always taken that love of the ocean and tried to translate it into my home. I have always had shells, white furniture, splashes of aqua and seafoamy colors. It brings me joy to be surrounded by the colors I love...and the reminder of the ocean!

We are thinking about redoing our back porch into a full year room...hummmm blue floors maybe?

Small my opinion always look bigger with light it me or do you think the same?
This is one of Candice Olsens rooms...

Don't you think a blueberry muffin needs to sit next to that coffee?

I Love this room......You will see my bedroom has hints of this same look
 (that is when I get to showing you!)
Look at the blue of this just makes my day to look at it!
Can you tell I am still menatlly on vacation...hopefully it will last!
Have a blue day:) Love-Tracey

p.s. I got these pictures so long ago most of them I believe are from country living and cottage living! I really need to get better at that!


  1. I've hated the color blue my whole life until last year when for some crazy reason, I painted my dining a light gray/blue and now I LOVE it! It is the most calming and beautiful color. I am now on the look out for a primitive blue painted cabinet - which apparently everyone else is too since every one I find is sold!
    Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration!

  2. love this post...can't wait to take pictures of your house to show next week to your blogger friends!!!

  3. I'll take each of these rooms please!
    So beachy and comfy!