Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feature of me... the "cottage"...and 15 minutes!

Tara and her beautiful family!

Today my friend over at Between You and Me is...
da..da..da. dahhhh.....Featuring me!
I am really happy for a few but specific reasons...

1. I have never been featured (guess the 17 followers kinda gave that away).
2. I think it might be my 15 minutes of fame...I have been wondering and waiting for it my whole life.
3. I can tell my husband that a blogger "featured" me...maybe that will convince him I need a Mac.
4. (Seriously now) I really do love doing this and will keep blogging forever for myself and my faithful few...but honestly would love to share the love with a few more followers...you get it I know you do...cause I know you have more than me..."you" being anyone reading this right now!
5. Most importantly...my dear and true friend is doing the feature! She is as real as they come and I am so thankful for her friendship and presence in my and my famlies life. I gave Tara a wall hanging it says
"Friends are the people who let you to think out loud." (and who still love you anyway).
We do a lot of thinking out loud. Our husbands say the atmospheric pressure changes when we are talking...they are probably right.
Tara got me started blogging and it is a world that has enriched my life!
I think of our friendship as one of those white chipping pieces of furniture, where you can see the layers underneath and you know there are stories to tell! Heres to many more layers, and stories and fun of our friendship...

truly beautiful in its imperfection...!

Love you girl...thanks for the great feature and photos!
Love and friendship-Tracey


  1. I saw your house at Tara's blog. It's absolutely beautiful. I love it! I became a follower as well. :) Have a great day!

  2. Good Morning! I love your style girl! Your home is beautiful! I think it is so cool that you have a IRL friend that blogs as well, sound like y'all have a great friendship. Hope your having a wonderful day! xoxo

  3. So sweet...I love what you said about your friendship! I am headed over to Between You & Me to check it out! Congrats!

  4. Your house looks amazing, you have done a ton since I was there in Ocotber!!! So thankful you and Tara are doing life together. :]

  5. Hi there, popped over from that lovely Tara's blog!! your house is absolutely charming and so well decorated...it is probably a good thing we aren't neighbors, cause you wouldn't be able to get rid of me!! :) What a sweet friendship you and Tara have, cherish that always!

  6. Your house looks amazing !! nice blog you have !!! i follow......hope you come to visist my blog too........and maybee..you will follow too..............bye!!

    Have a great happy evening hugs from me....Ria

  7. I forgot to say.....i really !! like your cups!!

    I wish i could buy....them in holland !!! can you send them over ?? in a packed ?? hahahhaha!! so wonderful !!

    bye!! Ria

  8. i just followed the path from "between you and me" to your door... enjoyed the pictures of your home and reading your blog... guess i am now friend number 18...Mary Beth

  9. Oh I am so happy I found you featured on between you & me! Love the friendship you two share! (Something special for sure)Anyways loving your blog gonna go check out more of it!:O) Oh I am blogger 22 now heeheehe! Wish that was my age lol!

  10. Found you via Tarah ... how sweet of her to feature you:)! I'll enjoy following you and learning more about you and seeing the blessings of life through your posts!