Monday, April 19, 2010

Yard sale, a cupcake and a kiss!

OK. So every once in awhile you score at a yard sale! This is a SCORE! On Saturday morning
My mom, Tara and myself woke up @ 7:00 and set out for fun! We stopped at this house that had
the above dresser. As I stood and pondered the dresser from afar, I knew I loved it, but didn't neeeed it for my daughters room. As I started talking to the owner 2 other people started in on the conversation negotiation as well. As Tara lay across the dresser she made it very clear it was ours and she in her tiny little frame would wrestle them to the ground and win...if they dare! All 15 people at the sale stopped and watched the negotiation. As I walked over and inspected the dresser I quickly noticed 2 things...1. The drawers were lined with brown velvet and 2. There was a bronze tag inside the uper left drawer with a tag that said "Disney Princess Collection"....I knew I had scored and bought it for 70$...yes 70$!!!!

As soon as I got home I searched online and found out brand new this piece sells for 700$!
It looks brand new! WOOHOOO!!! Score! It works perfect in my daughters room, and now has made
wall space for a few new wall pieces...hummm what will I make!

I also bought this crate which will get paint and antiquing this week, maybe a few words or numbers aged on the side...and will use it for backpacks!

This really cool desk (for 5 dollars!) It has a paper roll in the desk! This will get a creamy coat of paint,
and I will antique it! It will go on the back porch for the children...maybe mom too!

I love that this was on the desk...even though I will cover it up...
it brought me peace, love and happiness to find it!

This wii game was only 5 dollars as well, and my son is an avid fisherman! He played it all weekend! 
 I much prefer this game to the shooting loud ones! Try it for your wii boy players!

This is what my son does when he reels in a fish live or on wii! So cute...his little tounge sticking out!
I do the same thing when I paint!

We found these great little flower hair pretties at one of the yard sales, a lovely lady makes then and bows too...I know what you are thinking...those are so easy to make...yes but will I? I bought them from the sweet lady!
My daughter wore it all weekend!

After the yardsale was over...I baked my famous chocolate coconut cupcakes....

with swiss buttercream frosting....a lick...

and a kiss for end the weekend! So much fun!
Linking up with up my weekend!
I love finding someone elses trash and turning it to family treasures! From the dresser to the fun on the wii!
Truly trash to treasure! ...and all with great friends and family!
Love and treasures...Tracey


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend all wrapped up in happiness! Beautiful dresser - I would have that loaded in my truck so quickly!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the little desk - I've never seen one like that before but how fun!
    Hope your week is as great as your weekend!

  2. so much fun. we had a blast hanging out with you guys this weekend....

    school is almost out...more fun to be had!!!

  3. definitely great score on the dresser!

  4. Great finds at the garage sales! Can't wait to see pics of the transformations you will be doing :)

  5. You two sure must have lots of fun together! I love the dresser - it would match my daughter's bed perfectly! You & Tara had great luck! The cupcake looks too good - you need to post that recipe!

  6. Love the dresser and desk! Great finds!

  7. Love what you found at the yard sales! Cannot wait to see what you do with the wood desk and crate! My daughter would love the flower barrette great find! Oh and your chocolate coconut cupcake looks so yummy! I want I want heehhee!