Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is me today!

This is a puffer fish...

This is a close up of a puffer fish.

I am bloated today...and maybe even a little grumpy about it!
You were probablly looking forward to some decorating pics. Sorry not today!
I have started an organic...vegan...cleansing diet thing.
Please I know call me crazy...I just might be!!
I have wondered if the "whole" eating really makes a person feel that much I am trying it!
For today I feel like a puffer fish! See the mean teeth of the close up of the puffer...ya I feel like that...bloated and wanting a pizza...not a vegan pizza!
Praying that Jesus will not fail me now (cause he certainly never has).

We took these photos on a great boat tour on vacation....these little creatures puff up when they are threatend...that's yummy foods are being threatend and I am puffed up.
Really I just think all the veggies and fruit must be bloating me....I know more than you wanted or needed.

Here let me make up for my puffiness....

feeling better....


maybe less bloating....

now this will work for sure!

Love and Puffers...Tracey


  1. GOOD Morning! I'm sorry you feel this way but let me assure you - it will go away once your body/brain gets rid of the cravings. :) I only eat organic and am a vegan. It's the best decision I've ever made, I feel so much healthier, less tired, more energy...
    Good for you for trying! Hope you have a wonderful day ~

  2. Would love to hear more about this. I have given up artificial sweeteners and sweet tea. We are eating organic as much as possible and drinking lots of water. No added salt or sugar though hidden salt and sugar is still somewhat a part of our diet. We DO eat lean meat and fish and eggs. I am not planning on going vegan but am TRYING to have a healthier lifestyle.

  3. i saw you today. you don't look puffy. so proud of you...keep it up!!! that's my best cheerleader. would you believe me if i told you that i just did a split?

    moving onto more serious the photo above of the back porch..great inspiration for what you are gonna do to your back porch. right?

    call me later, gator.

  4. Hello Tracey

    What a story.........hahahahh!! try it Tracey!!

    Have a happy happy evenening.........!! enjoy !!