Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You light up my life....Love and Lanterns.

I love light! I love natural sunlight, and candle light...
These new images from Pottery Barn make me smile, make me happy, and make me want to spend money! I WILL be hanging some great lanterns this summer with these amazing ropes and knots...love the knots!

I am an avid shell collector...I have buckets, and it is the very first thing I do when I get to any beach...hunt for shells. My family lived across the street from the ocean for years. Every day I would walk and, pray and search for shells and pray for the searching of shells:). I also prayed for my future husband...who years later purposed to me on that very beach (have to tell you cause it was so sweet and so ""me"...there were 94 stairs straight down to this beach, and he had left me an alarm to wake me up (my parents were in on it)...the note by my bed said to head to sunrise...so I did and as I stood at the top of the 94 stairs looking down I saw a huge question mark-the size of the beach-in the sand with one handsome prince as the dot...with a very shiny ring...dreams do come true!))...back to the lanterns and shells...all of that to say that to combine two of my favorite things as in these pictures makes me smile, and want to surround myslef with what I love!

Lanterns light up life, they warm your heart and home! I am so glad I was ahead of the times...last year-I made and gave http://tarahlowry.blogspot.com/...one of these flags for her birthday! Now this year I will need to get her a lantern to go with it!

....do you think when I remind my sweet husband of how special our engagement day was he will let me go buy ALL of these great lanterns?

...even if I sing him my own version of  "you light up my life"...(he might just say yes so I will stop singing).

Lanterns, shells, chunky knots...they sing summer, warmth and love to me!

oh...he's home from work....here I go...Youuuuuu light up my life....you give meeee hoooopeee (laughter is breaking out in the house....if I keep going he might just drive me to PB today:)..

Have a great day girls! May Jesus' light fill your day today with love and laughter and His peace!
Love and lanterns, Tracey


  1. Oh, I love your story! Isn't love and happiness great ~
    Of all the pretty things I see, I love a grouping of lanterns and candles. I agree, you must have some! :)
    I have one large one and I take it out on the front porch every night when sit out there and watch what's happening in the neighborhood - I think I need a couple more too!
    Have a lovely evening...

  2. everytime i sit with my PB catalog i drool over those things. They are gorgeous. What a sweet story about your engagement :)

  3. O my gosh........what a lovely laterns...........beautiful story about your engagement .....hugs from me Ria

  4. I heart lanterns too! Such a sweet story! Love all the inspiration, esp the deck looking out to sea! ~lulu

  5. Love this post! I have been looking for some lanterns for my porch...that don't break the bank!
    Your engagement story is too sweet...thanks for sharing!
    Hope to see ya next week so we can talk for real!!! :)

  6. love the pics...and the idea of you giving me a lantern for my birthday! :))