Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A kiss and a memory!

Yesterday featured me...and the "cottage'....can you tell I am still so excited!
I wanted to tell the story behind a few of the things in our home. This amazingly chippy, old, used door came from an antique show...but there is a story...there has to be with something that looks like this!
I had been searching for a door for over my couch for a year! I wanted the perfect one...not to wide...white...hardware still on it...
I walked in to this antique show and, it was the very first item in the you walk right into it. I LOVED it...but was struggling with committing so soon into the 1,000 dealer know the struggle..."what if there is a better one....""
Soooo we moved on (we being my husband and our children C and M).
About 30 minutes and 12 booths later...I could not stop thinking about the door...It had all that I was wanting and more. My grandmothers door to her freezer room (where she kept homade ice cream sandwhiches-which are still my favorite)...had the same glass as this door.
I sent them back down the long hill (the door was at this point out of sight).
In a moment of regret and want all at the same time I yelped..."RUN...GO GET THAT DOOR!"
(the innocent by standers looked dazed and confused and sorry for my husband)
They ran..really ran (which I really didn't expect but was so sweet).
When they (husband and son) came back-they did not have the door and had sad faces.
My son said "Mom I am so sorry it was gone...we ran as fast as we could..." and then
beacuse thank God he can't lie well-I saw his little grin.
He was so excited and yelled "We got it mom...we ran and we got it for you".
It was such a sweet moment for our family we literally jumped up and down together as if we had won the lottery! Unknown to me the quest for a door would create a great family memory! Now it fits in even better than I imagined over our couch in our Family Room!
The sign that is above the door that reads "Its a wonderful life"...there is sweetness in that too.
I painted that sign for my husband because our first kiss happened at the end of watching that famous Christmas movie! A kiss and a memory all above the couch! Amazing what you can hang on the wall!
Love and memories-Tracey


  1. It was a wonderful post that we go to see such beautiful shots of your lovely home!
    I love story about your door-it makes it more of a true family home to have those special memories around you all the time.
    God gaves us our gut feeling for a reason - always buy the things you love when you see them - they are there for a reason!
    Love your home and how it's filled with such love ~

  2. Love the door (I've been looking for one too!), Love the sign over the door :) and love the story of how you got the door!! BTW...I didn't comment to you personally...but told Tara how beautiful your house is! After seeing pics of yours and Tara's homes...I want you guys to come over and help me out!!

  3. I've just recently discovered your blog, and believe me I am so happy to have found you! I love your style and we seem to be drawn to the same type of things.

    Your beautiful, chippy, weathered door is amazing. The story however is a treasure. I am always amazed at how a normal, everyday event can sneak up on you and become a lifelong memory to cherish!

    Have a great day!

  4. and what a wonderful life it is. love you friend.

  5. AWE I just love that story! I am so happy you shared! It gave me a lump in my throat as I was reading it! Such joy! Glad you got the door that belongs in your family!

  6. Wonderful,..........beautiful ..........story !!

    Hugs from me............ Ria

  7. Hey Tracey thanks for following my blog. I just wanted to let you know that you actually stopped by my book club blog that I have with my friends. {my google profile is a bit confusing}. Anyhoo, here is my actually daily blog:
    I love the story about your door and the sign. So sweet!