Friday, February 25, 2011

Blue Whimsy!

Blue makes me Happy!

I love when rooms look like they just happened and they were not planned.
My house is very planned...I need to add some whimsy!
Looking into whimsy this weekend...
What are your whimsy ideas?
How do you add the unexpected?
Do your rooms look like they just happened to come together...or there was a plan behind it?
I am thinking that mixing of pattern adds you think I am on the right track?
How about a splash of random color?

Seriously let me know?

Have a great day!
Love and Whimsy,


  1. I think your fish cabinet is pretty whimsical....(and terrific!)

  2. I think your house is loaded with whimsy and charm. Look at your crab painting :) This room is cozy and cute! Love the striped rug and French pitcher. I would have a hard time putting all those patterns together, but I like it when I see it.
    :) ~M

  3. blue makes me happy, too! I love that fabric on the little table! makes me very happy. :)

  4. Blue and white is my favorite....hoping to decorate my bedroom with these colors, soon. Love the different different textures. Have a nice weekend.