Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fixed on Fixtures...and an itch!

So the question is...can light fixtures make a significant impact in a room...

ahhh....yup I think so!

                                                                     I need your help.
I have struggled...and when I say struggle...
remind you I struggle to say struggle..
cause I know people who are really struggling...
so it seems odd to say struggle...but as shallow as it is...
I struggle.
I struggle with the dang light fixtures in this home.
They have been here for the 2 years we have lived here.
It is not that I can't replace them...I just cannot figure out to what I want to change them to.
I see pictures like those above...I think- I should...I could...and then I stop.
Then I go in and stare at the ceilings of lights at Lowe's and Home Depot...people ask..."Can I help you.."
Lord if they only knew.
"No I'm just looking (for the 100th time).."
See friends...s.t.r.u.g.g.l.e.v.i.l.l.e.
I need help.
I am a decision maker.
It is easy for me to decide...what to make for dinner, what to do...
but dang girls these light fixtures have me stuck.

They are the hangnail to my toe,
the splinter to my finger,
the headache to my head,
the sty in my eye,
the itch in the middle of my back...
need I say more!
We have staring and the fixtures.
I stare at them and they stare right back.
Neither of us budging.

So here is what I need you to do for me.
Help me get the hangnail, headache, splinter, sty, itch out of my life.
Below I have posted the fixtures that need to be replaced...
Tell me with what...please...

This is in our family room.
The ceiling is what do I do?

This is the WORST of them all.
Our living room.
It has to go...but it is not in the center of the room...ugh...what to do?

This is our dinning room.
Actually in this space I have too many ideas...what would you do?
Oh...and the wall you are looking at will be getting a new look soon. We are doing a plank white washed wall....sooon. So keep that in consideration.

Our Master...excuse the messy pillows...kiddos were wrestling.

Finally over our sink in the kitchen...?

O.K. I feel better just getting it our there.
I know one of you genius women will figure this out for me so I can rest.

Love and glaring,


  1. I don't know, but that's awful. ;) Saying that because it looks just like mine. These ceiling fans are everywhere and my husband actually LIKES them!?! Hope you find a solution!!

  2. You are too funny! I understand...I have many struggles with things in my home. Lighting is not one though...I hate any overhead lighting except for pretty chandeliers so I have none in my home. I vote that you forget the struggle and go for lamps. Except maybe a pretty pendant light over the sink - a simple glass one. Hope I didn't make the itch worse! :)

  3. I'd go for a smaller version of the fixtures in picture # 1 for the space over your sink....smaller only because our homes, with the lower ceilings, aren't big enough to handle something as big as the ones in your GORGEOUS pictures above.

    I'd put something like the fixture # 2 over your dining room, if you decide you want a fixture....

    And, I'm with Sarah...for your front room and possibly even your family room, I think I'd stick to lamps. You've picked up some FABULOUS lamps this year...they're enough.

    I know what you're thinking...."we live in Florida and need the ceiling fans..." but, maybe you could live without them.

    just thoughts....

  4. Since you don't have lamps in your dining space, a beautiful light fixture really might add the finishing touch....and would only enhance your soon to come white-washed walls.

  5. Looking at the style of your cottage :) you gotta check out this link. kinda pricey but if you're in your house and planning on staying they have some amazing stuff! You may already know about them but if not FUN FUN FUN to look at their site!
    Also I look at this blog and she just did a link party and giveaway and the prices at this place are amazing...

  6. OK one more link ....I love this kind of stuff....

  7. I can picture white lantern lights in your house...because of the beachy feel. I don't know if dark fixtures would work because of the ceiling height. For your dining room I picture either the large (Pottery barn type) of lantern light over the table or...going a little French country with a shabby chic white chandelier. I can also picture lantern sconces in both your dining room and family room. Hard to explain without pictures.

  8. You are a delight!! lol
    Your armoire in your living room looks exactly like mine!
    Love it!!
    A plank white-washed wall sounds so gorgeous Tracey!! Can't wait to see that!
    I think you've been given some great suggestions here..I really like Taras ideas on the smaller size of #1 in the kitchen, and fixture #2 in the dining room.
    I know it's a much to chose from..

    Deborah :)

  9. I just have to say that you Florida girls that need fans don't need to worry about your lights because you have SUN and I am jealous! But have you looked at Restoration Hardware's lights??? They make me SWOON!! Then maybe you could find a cheaper copy cat or wait for a sale??

    I'm working on a post. I will try really really hard to get it to you by tomorrow k?