Monday, February 21, 2011

Paint...and Fishy Questions.

Remember when I bought that pine armoire from that estate sale?
Remember I could not decide if I should keep it...or flip it?

I finally decided...
a. to keep it!
b. to paint it!

I really struggled as to what to paint on it.
I had idea OVERLOAD so I waited until I could not shake one of the ideas.
I could not shake the FISH market idea.
It was kind of like when you are in T.J. Maxx and you put something in your cart and walk around with it,
you get to the check out and you KNOW...yup-can't live without it.
It was that kinda process.
I walked around with all of the ideas...and at "checkout" I settled with this design.

Not only are we totally beach people...we are fish fanatics.
We LOVE fish.
My children when asked what they would choose pizza or fish without fail... choose fish.
I know crazy right?
if it swims!

We are also all fishermen.
I never thought I would ever like the sport.
However there is nothing like feeling that tug on the other end of your fishing line.
Then the anticipation of pulling out that fish and seeing what is on the hook...
in Florida we have pulled some amazingly beautiful fish!
It has become a common love for all of us.

Remember I was also trying to figure out that light fixture.
I choose this.
I added this rope around the black wire.

I love it!
Sorry about the dust..out of sight out of mind...right?

It's Monday...the day we talk about marriage.
Here is the deal about marriage today.
The marriages that we see that are thriving have a few things in common.
One of the #1 things we see is this...
you support your spouse in what they who they are.
We do that for our kids ALL the time.
We go to their games, drive them to practice...
ask a billion questions about the who, what, where, why and when in their lives.

Who are you today?
What do you need today?
Where is your heart today?
Why is your heart there?
When can we connect again like this again?

So we  have challenged couples who were struggling...and couples in a good season to ask these questions.
It is easy to remember cause...
we all learned how to write essay papers using some version of these questions.
So if you find yourself struggling to communicate try to get the who, what, where, why and when.
You don't literally have ask..."so...where is your heart today", although you could...
the purpose is to get to the answer on the other side of that question.

HOW you get there does not matter...THAT you get there does.

So what does that have to do with a fish armoire?
It's just I could not wait to show you the armoire...I was toooo excited about it.
But...I promised marriage Mondays!

I pray you have a great day...
and that the who, what, where, when, and why of your life is full of joy!

Love and Fishy Questions,


  1. First I want to ask WHAT were you doing awake posting at 5:42 this morning on a school holiday? And second....I love love love that cabinet! You are so good at adding personality to things! This is so makes me smile! I bet you smile every time you see it!!! Great job!!!

  2. Love the fishy cabinet- and the questions...tough to get there sometimes....

  3. Girlfriend...LOVE the armoire!! It's G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. and just a perfect fit in your home :) Now we must be on a lookout for one for mine...I'm still loving the idea of a cabinet in the front room with a chalkboard front!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the armoire!!! You chose wonderfully and did an amazing job on it!! Love the rope on the light as well...perfect!!!! I would love to have a light like that, I have been on the look-out but nothing yet. Great questions to ask each other, sometimes just one of them can lead to a wonderful conversation!

    Have a great day!

  5. LOVE it.
    HATE that life is so busy that I had to see it on your blog and not in real person. :(

    You couldn't have done a better job on it....LOVE it.

  6. Cute Fish personal for your family. Love it! Thank you for the questions you posted in re: to marriage. I wrote them in my journal during my quiet time this morning. I think I will also write them on a index card and tape them to my bathroom mirror where I will be reminded to read them daily.

  7. All those ideas turned into on fantastic idea. I love it, looks amazing.

  8. Love the fish cabinet! What's in it? Don't tell me tuna! LOL!! Great job!


  9. Love this! Such clever, creative delights!

  10. I seriously love your fish armoir! love it! Iove the rope on your light fixture too. I think I would seriously heart your house!

  11. Good decision and great project. Way to go girl!

  12. What a great amoire, I so loove your light fitting the best part is the dust, I do things like that I'll take what I think is a great picture and there'll be dust, or old shoes, and by the time I sit down to right the post I just think oh well thats just how it really is:)
    I am your newest follower!