Friday, February 18, 2011

Dream reflections...

It really is a dream come true.
The new DREAM ship lives into it's name in a whole new Disney kind of way.
Start saving your pennies...seriously.

The cousins (minus baby cousin who is chasing Mini)

My parents and my BFF from jr. high and high school...yes a total GODincidence that she and her family were on the same cruise. We both had booked the same one and and found out 3 month ago.
She is the best kind of friend a girl could have...I am forever grateful for her!
She deserves her own come soon.

Never a dull moment...putt putt...while sailing!

Our server staff and new friends...(Ludo and Mario) were always making dinner fun for our family.

Oh if I could have only heard every secret that happened during dinner between these 2.
I have never heard 2 girls giggle for 5 day straight! Memories forever!

We found Mini by the pool...

Disney does not allow you to take pictures during their AMAZING shows...
But this is a photo of our kiddos who were choose to go on stage and be the 7 dwarfs...they got to go back stage, get costumes...and act and dance on stage during the actual performance.
Team Cousins! It was awesome!

This girl was made for cruising...just like her momma!

On Disney's Castaway Cay...unbelievable!

Did you ever do this when you were 6? me either!

Cousins in the hammock (minus baby who is still chasing Mini...seriously).

A princess and her ship.
A sweet lady from our church made M this dress before we left.
She had fittings and everything...she felt like a true princess.

There was LOTS of eating...yummy and beautiful dishes.
This one made me make lots of yummm noises.
My sweet server and new BFF poured the cream sauce for me...Disney makes everyone feel like a princess young and not so young anymore!

Oh...what to order?
One of my favorite things was watching my kiddos order.

The servers LOVED our son who ordered EVERY fish dish.
This is escargot..yes he has asked me to make them...ugh.
They were in awe of his palette...he is an amazingly brave kind of kid!

Ludo and Mario
These 2 guys LOVE their job and in turn made us LOVE them.
Our son C even asked to go to guest services (all on his own) I walked him over there.
He then proceeded to tell the boss behind the desk that he was, "so impressed with his servers that he would like them to get a raise."....It was so endearing and so sweet...and I was sooooo proud of our son for being so confident and so sure of how he felt...that he had to pass on the joy! Great memories!

On our last night at about 10:30 just the 4 of us walked to the very top of the ship and to the very front.
We were the only ones there and felt like we were on top of the water and could touch the sky.
The moon came through and it felt like we could jump on it.
It was one of those family moments my husband and I will NEVER forget.
We laughed and talked about our trip and ....our next trip...and we thanked each other for such a fun time.
We lounged on a big 4 person lounge chair and took this photo by stretching out an arm.
I think it is my holds such a beautiful memory.

We finished our trip with this.
True Disney style.

I have sooooo many pictures...I just tried to give you a taste.
I purposefully did not share many pictures of the Ship...for one reason.
I think YOU need to go...and I do not want to ruin it for you.

If you have any questions about cruising Disney ask me.
I would love to encourage your dream come true!

Love and Dreams,


  1. We are going to start a 'cruise'
    We have to do this. It looks and sounds like so much fun!!! And we are lucky too...because we don't have to first 'fly' to the ship! It's a car ride away! So silly NOT to do this! Love your pictures...and that princess dress is adorably sweet!!! =)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip.
    Did they have the themed dinig rooms still?
    That was one of my favorite parts!
    Disney creates memories and not just vacations!

  3. LOVE your pics!! So glad y'all had an amazing vacation...great, great memories :)

  4. Oh my goodness!! I *love* everything Disney, I just think it awesome how everything remains so magical no matter what your age!

    We go to Disney almost every year, but have never thought of cruise! Hmmm....I just may click over and check it out! Looks like you had a fabulous time!


  5. what a great time! you have some really fun photos! I hope we get to do this as a family one day too! and to have your best friend too! how great is that?!

  6. I feel kinda silly, but I have tears in my eyes reading about your trip. I am so happy for your family and for the wonderful time you had!

  7. Lisa I'm glad I'm not the only one!
    Totally have tears streaming down my face after that last family photo. Not sure why. You just give such a sweet description of your whole family and you can tell your love for them is so deep.
    I'm new to your blog, but I really love it! :)

  8. So fun so fun! I would love to do that with my kids before they get to the eye-rolling stage and don't think I'm cool to hang out with anymore! What a wonderful trip for your fam!

  9. What an amazing vacation!! I love cruises and have taken my daughter on one, we had so much fun with my friend and her daughter. To spend such quality time with them and share things that they normally would never see is such an incredible feeling! Love all the pictures and so happy you had a wonderful time!

  10. Everything Disney does is magical. I have been to DW twice. It was wonderful. They make you feel special. I am not sure about the cruise. I don't know if my stomach could handle it. I am glad you had such a wonderful time!!!