Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A gift...and randomness.

So...I woke up yesterday morning to one of these...
My husband and kiddos gave it to me for heart day.
I heart it.
I snagged this photo from here..thought her picture of her own product was best.
I L.O.V.E. her work! I am glad my husband was looking over my shoulder one night as I ooohed and ahhhed! I think I will ooooh and ahhhh....more often.

So on to topics less fun...

Today is the day I start eating healthy again....yes I have done this before.
Yes it has been since Christmas...
Yes...I can tell...

Even when you stick one of these in this...it still won't work.
I would just call them healthy and eat 3.
I am giving up sugar, and eating mostly whole grains...veggies...you know the drill.

I also have a list of projects a mile long....lots of projects!!!
I will be using lots of these!
Remember that armoire I snagged at the estate sale?
Gonna paint it this week...will totally show you when I am done!

That's about it for today.
Headed to pick up M...go to piano...then pick up C from basketball at a friends...then make dinner (grilled veggie pizzas)...then take C to swimming while M does homework...and Dad has a meeting...then bed...

Love and getting back in the swing!


  1. Oooh, love your beautiful new necklace! So nice that your hubby is tuned into you!

  2. that is so sweet that he remembered. i love it when my hubby does that! :) it's so pretty.

  3. I am so glad that I 'found' you while you were on vacation via sweet Tara's blog.

    To think such great friends were on a disney cruise one week apart from each other....!!

    Happy getting back in the swing with routine and diet....Can't wait to read more.


  4. Beautiful necklace....so thoughtful!

  5. Beautiful necklace! What a sweet and thoughtfun hubby! What? Fruit in cupcakes is not healthy?! :) I know what you mean though, that was my "new years resolution" and I am not doing so well! I need to jump back on board soon!

  6. Hi Tracey! Thanks for leaving a comment over on my blog yesterday! So happy you love your new necklace! xoxo Amber