Saturday, February 19, 2011

Projects and Lemonade.

It is prrrroject day over here today!
We are...
wrapping rope around our new light fixture...
finishing painting a piece of furniture...
building a new headboard...
heading to T.J.Maxx looking for new pillows...
O.K. hopefully we will get all of that done...

The expanded list.
 painting the kitchen...
doing our 2 plank walls...
painting 2 boards for my sons room...
the master bathroom...
maybe painting our piano...(what do you think about that?)
hanging light fixtures in 3 places...
and oh so much more...
does your list ever stop?

I always keep lemonade handy for days like these!
I keep frozen strawberries in syrup to kiddos love it!

Love and Lemonade!


  1. WOW~hope you get it all done. I have to bake two cakes and MAYBE do a little shopping!

  2. Oh Tracey you're a busy girl!!!
    Lemonade sounds wonderful!
    The photo is beautiful...:)

    Deborah xo

  3. Wow! I thought I was busy but now I think I'm a slacker...that lemonade looks SOOO good.

  4. Yesterday we had the perfect weather for lemonade. Loving that pitcher!

  5. I have missed reading your blog so much! Thanks for all of the sweet words and encouragement...we are hanging in there!

    Wowee, look at all your followers!

  6. I've never done that - added strawberries to lemonade - i'm going to have to try it - and no, no end for us either - the projects just keep coming.

  7. you're gonna blog about these projects when they are done, right? ;) (wink wink)