Friday, February 4, 2011

Dreams do come true!

We are leaving to go on this.
The Disney Dream.

We plan on doing a lot of this...

and dancing til midnight with this guy!

 Planning on eating this stack...and a whole lot more!

This week has seemed like 4 weeks....the waiting, excitement and anxiety makes for a loooong week for the kiddos and momma! Cousins get in tomorrow! So blessed to have my family.
My parents for going on this trip even though the cost of a Disney cruise could have paid for 4 cruises for can they miss the fun! My brother and family who we have never gone on a cruise with...we are so excited to get to play all week together...just like when we were kids...well...he likes me better than he did when I was 5 and he was 10! I am excited to see each persons face light up when they see mickey...even my 6 foot 7 just can't help it when you see that mouse!

I wish you could all come!
No I really mean it!
Now THAT would be fun...a bloggers cruise...I'm on it...gonna plan it for next year!
Start saving now girls!

Don't forget to check out who is coming over to guest post while I am gone...a few of my very favorites!

Love and Disney Dreams,


  1. I think that looks like so much fun! What a great trip! I want to go on that water slide tube thingy!! Please tell me what was it like! Post about your visit.
    (Found you from Lissa's blog.)


  2. I have been thinking about you this's almost here!! Soo excited for you guys, you are all going to have so much fun! Enjoy every minute...and all the food too!! Cause you know what it's gonna be like when you get back!

  3. Have FUN!!!! You're just going to be surrounded by wonderful stuff!! Family, Friends and FUN! What more could a girl ask for? Enjoy!!! (And bring back some sunshine =)

  4. How exciting! I hope you all have a fun time together. Take lots of pictures!


  5. Have a wonderful time! What fun :)

  6. Nothing better than family time together at Disney. You are correct...dreams really DO come true! Have a wonderful time making memories!

  7. I am so excited for you and your family! I know you are going to have a wonderful time! I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Bon Voyage!

  8. Have a wonderful trip! I was just reading some previous posts and I read your Holy Week post on white couches from last year, I believe. I just had to say that your writing is very beautiful and inspiring.

  9. seroiusly wish I was going, have fun!!!

  10. I've never been on a cruise, but that sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your family time and enjoy the pancakes!

  11. I've always wanted to do a disney cruise!! have so much fun!!!!!!