Thursday, February 3, 2011

Light results!

Thanks for all of the great advice and e-mails!
I went on some of the sites you suggested and found some great lights!
Now help me CHOOSE from the great choices!
Either the above....


or this one...for over my dinning room table.
I have a favorite but want to hear from you first!

How about this...

or this...

or this...over my sink in the kitchen?
I also have an island that I did not picture yesterday where I will put the same as over the sink.
Again I have a favorite...but want your brilliant opinions first!

This I just LOVE...and have to FIND a place for.

Gonna find a place in my sons room for 2 of these!
 I Love them!

Finally...I found this and knew it was the one.
It's gonna go in my bedroom!

That nasty one in the Living room that is my nemesis...still no solutions!
Still VERY much in need of one...if a solution wakes you up at night...please let me know!

Thanks sooo much to
Rachel VanHook...we have the same taste in stuff!
Check out her new blog. I am totally buying one of her cuff bracelets...
and gonna feature her on the look out! Thanks Rachel for these suggestions...LOVE.

Thanks Lissa! I love Restoration Hardware too! If you SWOON...I will be standing next to you DROOLING...what a pair we would be in that store!

To Patti..who is such an intentional friend...thanks for your fb message!
I found a similar one for my bedroom!

To Tara...who always gives the best Decor advise a friend could ask for!

I love hearing from all of you!

Thanks friends!
Love and Light,


  1. I have to say, I'm drawn to #1 and #4. Absolutely LOVE the chandelier! Still hoping that I get to come during spring break. Maybe I will get to see your choices in person!

  2. I love the first one or the third one for over your dining room. The size of the third one would look best, I think. But Oh, how I love the first one....maybe we can find somewhere else for that one if you don't choose it. :)

    I'm kind of you didn't know that I like rooms that are close together and open to each other to have matching, the ones that you are looking at for your dining room all have that bronze metal finish...your kitchen is soooo close to your dining room, so I'd choose # 4 for over your sink.

    there's two more cents from me.

  3. I dig almost all of your choices, but I'm SWOONING over number one!

  4. You have great taste, I'd like to pick all of them but I'm going to have to say # 3 for the table and # 6 for the sink.

  5. I'm with Robin. #3 is making me drool!!!! Love that for a dining room! And I say #5 or #6 (depending on the size...) over the sink for sure....the ones you have for your sons room are really cool too....l just love all those sites. So fun to look at all the unique stuff and *dream*!!!!

  6. 3 all the way for the dining room table. You surprised me with that one. I didn't know you would like that style. I love the first one because of the rope...but I don't think it would do your long rectangular table justice. I'd go with 6 for over your sink. I'd say just get a simple light that hugs your ceiling, for the living room...cause like Tara is don't want too many styles so close together. Table lighting is always the best for living rooms...or sconces on the wall. I love that lantern one thought (I'm a lantern person)...maybe family room? (Depends how big it is.) Very romantic with the chandelier in the bedroom!! =)

  7. Love the ideas! I think that "sea grass" sconce should go in my guest room! off task here...we're looking at your house! OK...I like #2 and #3...but I think #3 is a great size for your dining room. #4 is adorable for your kitchen :) Just my opinions...remember I'm better at clothing...haha!

  8. number one! number one!! I love it! And number 5 for the kitchen!

    your bedroom is going to be SO romantic! yowza!

  9. I love them all. Is that possible? Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!

  10. I go for #3 and #4. Interested to see what you settle on :)

  11. okay, so are you going to share where that gorgeous chandelier is from for your room?!!!!