Sunday, January 9, 2011

On the lap of an old chair!

On Sundays we usually do a few things:
1. Go to church.
2. Eat either lunch or dinner at my mom and dads.
3. Quick clean and get ready for the week.
4. Play a family game in the evening.
5. Go to bed early...

We did not get to go to church today
(we were at a sweet birthday party)

We did not get to eat at mom and dads
(we were stuffing our faces full of cake and ice cream)

We did not get to clean
(awww darn)

But we will play our family game
 (and we will let the kids win, but I will be sure to win against my sweet about to loose hubby)

This is where some of our favorites sit, on an old school chair.
Let me tell you we have laughed so hard this Christmas break at Scribblish
(its new- go get it!)

...and we will go to bed early!
(and i promise not to complain or whine)

Pray your Sunday is filled with lots of people and things you love!

Love and Games,


  1. We love playing board games. Thanks for the reccomendation! I'm going to go get Scriblish this week. :)

  2. thanks for coming to the party and celebrating Lydia's life with us...I'm filled to overflowing with love for that daughter of mine right now...

    thankful for friends who love her dearly!

  3. I've never heard of Scribblish...looks so fun! We are a game playing family. Thanks for sharing these! We didn't make it to church, today, either. Snow bound here in CO :(

    Following your beautiful blog! xx ~Michelle

  4. I didn't know there was a Would you Rather game...we have one of the books and think it is so fun :)