Friday, January 21, 2011

Treasures and Menstruation....

(My new purchase)

Today I went to an Estate sale for the very first time.
It was adrenaline was pumping right before the doors opened.
What was going to be waiting for me.

I went with no expectations.
I left with a few treasures.

several vintage fishing hooks for my "Boyz"
2 packs of colored pencils
a silver hairbrush, comb and mirror set for my princess
2 stainless large mixing bowls
2 longenberger baskets (one small and one very large)
3 pairs of great scissors
some great tags
and my 2 favorites...

...the full antique set of 6  "Mothers Encyclopedia"...printed in 1933...
girls..I have been in hysterics reading the first book.
These books cover everything from measles to is hilarious!!!
I decided I would post weekly on these books until I have shared every last hilarious quote!
Let me give you a taste...
On menstruation..."Time after time the mother restrains the irritation which is surging in her, because she has definite standards for herself as a parent. She believes that a good mother speaks quietly to her children, strives to answer their questions and set a good example of self-control. She believes that it is a bad mother who takes out her irritation on her children."

Let me just is good to know that in 1933 women were dealing with cramps too!
However I will not judge you if your irritation shows its ugly head by not always "speaking quietly" or "setting the perfect example of self-control".
Girl...I raise my voice with the best of them, not always proud of it...but dear Lord the
"irritation which surges in me" during that time of the month....Lordy.
 O.K. so absolutely hilarious...worth every drop of standing in the rain waiting for the Estate sale...
and guess what?

I am so glad you asked...
I paid 3 dollars for the set...
looked them up on ebay...100 dollars...
yup...100 buckaroos!
So that was one of my 2 favorite finds at the sale...

...number 2 was even better... the sweet new friend my mom and I made!
We were waiting with another estate sale "newbe"...she loves Jesus just like we do...
(and ahhh can walk to her house!)
Jesus just has a way about Him...
He keeps His promises...
He answers prayer...
He really does hear us and love us...
He really means what He says...
"Lo I am with you always...even to the end of the age."
What could be better...
A new book(s), a new hobby (Estate sales), a new friend and a reNewed promise!

Love and Treasures,


  1. Great post, what a find on the mother's encyclopedias, did not know they existed! ;-) I haven't been to an estate sale in a long time....need to work on that this summer.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Tracey,
    Welcome back!!! You were still on my following list so I don't know why I didn't see you started posting again...darnit. Well, I found you again. :) I love your new 2011 challenge and look forward to seeing what you find special in each day.
    Hope all has been well with you ~

  3. LOL! Love that! So funny! How does one find Estate Sales in our area? I was laughing so hard about the PMS I had tears in my eyes!!! Funny stuff!!! =) Thank you for sharing! Patti

  4. The excerpt from that book is a hoot!!! I love old books, and when I take the time to read little bits of them, they usually make me laugh, too.

    I popped over here from Tara's blog and am goad I did. I'll be back!

    I hope you enjoy your weekend to the FULL!

  5. How hilarious! That had to be written by a man. The bindings on the books are a beautiful color. Can you imagine what people would have thought in the 30's if they could have had the information we can get at the push of a button?

    I'm sure you will have lots of fun on the estate sale circuit and thanks for visiting me at Loveleigh Treasures and Michelle and I at ATJ!

  6. LOVE that you found those books....and a new friend. Now THAT'S a great day!!