Monday, January 10, 2011

You would have to see it to believe it!

In an effort to try and stop eating junk get back on track.
I went and bought fresh Tilapia for dinner.

It might not be a pretty picture...but it was seriously good for you good food!
You really would not believe see my kiddos eat fish like they do!
They cheered when they passed through the kitchen and saw what I was making.
That might be the result of the fact that it is very possible they have not eaten anything healthy in about...
a month!
We have been living in Christmas carb heaven!
My kids ate EVERYthing on this plate!
The sauteed cabbage (which is one of their favorites)
The baked sweet potato fries (seasoned with chili powder...yumm)
It was their first day back to school...they were full of great stories...and now they are full of healthy food!

For the fish...I just lightly toss it in four, slat and pepper....quick in a pan with 1 tbls. canola oil to crisp the outside then into the oven to finish good!

Love and Clean plates,


  1. oh wow this looks good. It doesn't help that i have yet to start dinner, and what is it.. like 6:15 already?? Off to feed the masses - but it's sliders and dogs tonight - not healthy for you fish unfortunately.

  2. oh yum. We have to start eating more fish. We love it when we get it..and then we don't get it for such a long time. Your meal looks so good. Sweet potato fries...mmmmmm! Nothing better then watching your family enjoy a meal you cook for them...and one you know is good for them! =)