Thursday, January 13, 2011

A pantry makeover and a marshmallow.

Cleaning out is always a good thing.
(Did that sound too much like Martha?)
We have been in a 24 hour project.
We have been cleaning out and renovating our pantry.
"We" did not know it would take as long...
"We" did not know that "we" would have to go back to home depot 2x.
"We" are VERY glad that this project that "we" thought would take 5 almost done.
This is our (and by "our" and "we" I mean "he" did 99% of the work and travel involved) before project...

I have felt just like this pantry this week.
Scattered, unorganized, cluttered, full of a bunch of stuff that needs to be thrown away and some stuff that just needs to be cleaned up and restocked.

Jesus is so good to bring to the surface all that needs to be tossed or dealt with.
He has promised to complete that which He has started in each of us...and I know this to be true
because He does a deep cleaning on me every so often.
I love what happens on the other side of His love, His teaching, His is a beautiful thing.
This kind of love brings with it clarity, peace & rest.

I love what my son said about our new pantry...
"Wow I would have never known how good this could look until we took it apart... can I have some marshmallows...I didn't know we had any."

My (all of our) relationship with Jesus is a journey.
I have no idea what he may uncover, add or takeaway from my life unless I allow Him to clean it out first.
I love marshmallows.
My prayer is that Jesus has unearthed some sweetness in me in this season that I did not know I had...
so I can share it in His name and to His glory.
The most beautiful people in my life are the ones who:

laugh at themselves

own their perceived imperfection as a means to a closer relationship with Jesus

do internal house cleaning (literally and spiritually)

invest themselves in the things and people they love

understand that all of us at one time or another are undergoing a personal renovation of sorts...
which means they have compassion

people who can use their experience to speak peace into the life of friend or family member

own when they are wrong... ask for forgiveness...and be o.k. if it is received or not

sit with those is sorrow...or when it just plain stinks

celebrate the joys of others

see the beauty in brokenness

see the beauty in wholeness

So here is to the marshmallow in all of us.
That we would allow Jesus to search -- restock -- restore all that is necessary for
the building and glorifying of His kingdom.

And in that, all things would become clear, and at peace in our soul.

phew...had to get that out of my system... I know you want to see the NEW pantry.
But I am not finished! I have a few more things to add...
(which decoded is I have to make a trip to TJMaxx to get a few more baskets)

and so you have to wait
and see the transformation tomorrow

funny how we want to see the finished product before it is ready

Love and Marshmallows,


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  2. You're such a tease!! lol
    Beautiful beautiful blog! You are such a great writer! I love how you use analogies. I'm an analogy girl myself. Only a truly gifted writer can connect Jesus to marshmallows!!! and you did it soooo well!!! I'm doing my pantry tomorrow! Pray for me!! =P
    (sorry for the delete..having computer issues)

  3. LOVE this post.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished project.....

    you're a dear you!

  4. can't wait to see the finished product, have one going on here in my kitchen too! Great post!

  5. Hello. I'm not sure where I found your blog from, but I have been looking at many different pantry makeovers as I'm about to embark on mine!! Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment, but I was so encouraged by this post about Jesus cleaning us out, followed by your words of inspiration and I just wanted to say "thank you" for sharing.