Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jesus wanted a Biscuit too!

It is Sunday morning.
My Husband and I usually sneak in some great conversation and devotion on Sunday mornings,
 before our little ones wake up.
My husband is a pastor and has to go to church early.
While he was reading to me from the Bible...(during our "devotion time")
I was day dreaming biscuits.
I know (I think) we were somewhere in the Old Testament...
thats when our kids woke up and decided to crash our bed...and watch T.V...a Sunday morning routine.

I got up and started making biscuits.
The day dreaming started on Saturday.
Yesterday we went to the farmers market.
We just had our little M...she was so happy to have both mom and dad to herself!
We gave her money to shop and choose whatever she wanted.
She choose...

This organic...raspberry honey...made local.
So delicious...seriously bees do this?...such proof to me that God is divine!
And then she choose...

This sweet strawberry preserves...with pepper and raspberry and lemon...
made local by an older lady...she looks just as you would want her to look...
and you buy it cause shes so cute...and you know she stirred and measured all by herself...
singing Frank Sanatra songs as she stirs...

So I was seeing a theme with M...and asked her what she was planning on doing with her goods...
"I am going to eat them and you are going to make the biscuits to go with them."
Smart little thing...
...and her dad did not even put her up to it!

So how could I resist.
When I woke up this morning I had biscuits on the brain...I knew what was coming...mmmm...

Yes as delicious as they look...
both the biscuits and the kiddos.

O.K. so back to my husband who I essentially ignored this morning...
while he was reading so kindly and lovingly to me from ....somewhere in the Old Testament...
He knows I am a messy baker...
like I mean M.E.S.S.Y...
He calls me the tornado baker...
but is always willing to help clean up...knowing if he does...I will keep baking.
So this morning he left early... some flour on his iPhone...but decided to leave it...
to remind him of how much we missed him...

As I sat down to do this post...I first took a moment to read...
my Jesus Calling by Sarah Young...daily devotional.

And this is what it said...
"It's alright to be human. When your mind wanders while you are praying, don't be surprised or upset. Simply return your attention to Me. Share a secret smile with Me, knowing that I understand....."

Jesus wanted a biscuit too! ;)

Love and Biscuits,


  1. Sometimes I've caught myself wandering/daydreaming to a totally different thought and my prayer changes completely! I just figure what comes out must need to be said more than what I was originally thinking about.
    Your Sunday morning looks lovely...I wish mine were still young enough to do that!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. I love that devotional. It is always what I need to hear, just that day. Your yummies are making me hungry!

  3. What a sweet post! The biscuits, honey and jam look amazingly good! Jealous! I think it's funny that your daughter think strawberries have green hair. Looks like a happy day over there!

    Enjoy the remainder of it!
    ~Michelle :)

  4. I loved that comment too!! I love that HE knows us intimately!!

    I am going to try my hand at homemade biscuits. Do you have a favorite recipe?

  5. I love this...what a great reminder that HE is a loving, caring GOD!

  6. Mmmm...delicious looking biscuits! I envy your Sunday mornings where you can eat breakfast with your family! We are leaving for church at it's always a rush around here!

  7. I can't wait for our local market to open! Love your special treats to go with your biscuits!

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