Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4-Let the DINNER bell ring!

So...for at least 4 years my husband has asked for a dinner bell.
He grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York and was called to dinner by a bell!
See...we have dreams of living on a farm (overlooking the ocean of course)...
so we try our best in our suburbia to make it feel like a.... cottage by the sea on a farm!

He put the bell he got for Christmas in a perfect spot.
I hope that when it rings it brings back all of those great farm memories for him.
Oh to work the land, go to bed at sunset and rise at sunrise...to sit on the porch with lemonade and read C.S. Lewis while rocking in a white worn rocking chair...

I can reach for the new bell and call the kids in from the backyard...and it is so loud that maybe all of the neighborhood kids might join us for dinner!

Tonight I am having 2 families (blogging families) for dinner.
I can't wait to use the dinner bell for the very first time!
No other way I would rather break it in than with friends.
Here is to ringing in the new year, with friends, yummy food...and a bell.

Tomorrow I will share the recipes I am using tonight!

Love and Ding ah ling,


  1. i love this post.
    and you are NOT kidding when you say it's loud.
    i've heard it.

    can't wait to come to dinner tonight.....
    and just for record, i laughed out loud at the
    "love and a ding ah ling"....in rural north georgia you know what ding ah lings are right?

  2. Love the bell and that you are using it tonight with friends! Wish I was there!

  3. I have always liked dinner bells too and love yours. Have fun tonight!


  4. I love it! Soo excited for tonight!! Can't wait to hear the bell and eat some delicious food with y'all...and maybe a little Wii dance off?! :)

  5. The bell is awesome! I also love the wreath on the mirror! You gave me an idea! I am a new follower~hope you will stop by and say hello

    Jamie~your Innkeeper
    Applesauce Inn B&B

  6. Love it!! What a simple thing to bring back memories for your hubs!

  7. So fun. I just love bells. What fun to call everyone to dinner is such a great way!

  8. Hello Tracey!
    What a lovely blog you have! I love the bell...I bought an old schoolhouse bell at the Flea Market last September and have it mounted on our old porch post here on the farm. I use it to call the dogs and cats for treats....hubby is hearing impaired and can't hear this particular pitch unless he's close to the house ;) I love that you have a dream to live on a farm by the sea...I'm sure it will happen eventually if you work towards it. I hope your dinner with friends went well and you remembered to call them with your new bell! Enjoy your day.
    Maura :)

  9. LOVE, LOVE this bell!

    i've had the same one bookmarked on my computer for over two years... just haven't bought it yet!