Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mad skillzzz! still not working right.
I have very few computer I am completely dependant on my guy...
who is busy at work...
every time I go to import a picture it says...server error...but our server is fine and working fine...
my other guy...
 (the one on the other end of the phone who is also busy at work...helping this chick try to blog...says it should work....maybe by a  miracle of God it is something wrong with my computer...and I can get a fancy white..or maybe pink...or maybe ocean one)...
anyway if any of you genius blogger girls can away.

If I get my husband started on this computer issue tonight he won't help me with my special project I am starting...oh the dilemma.

I will have before and after PICTURES of my project...hopefully by the end of this week...
or maybe pictures AND a new computer...we will see (well hopefully you will see too!)

Love and MacDreaming,


  1. sometimes when the pics are too large it does that - have you tried to save them smaller and then upload?

  2. I've had that happen to me a couple of's so frustrating!!!!

    I never really figured out what caused it...after a few days, it just fixed itself...might be a problem with blogger???

  3. Well...I checked in with my personal IT guy (Rob) and he asked where you were trying to get the pictures from. If its from an outside site that holds them he said it sounds like 'they' are having server issues. If it is your blog having a problem it is the blog site server. That probably doesn't help...but he said its the site you are getting your pictures from.

  4. Stuff like that just about drives me crazy. I used to upload my photos to photobucket and then link them over, but now I just upload them the plain old way to ended up being easier.

    I hope you get your computer issues worked out soon :)

  5. blogger issue... i guess by now it is fixed!