Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Words and wonder...

I love computers...until they don't work.
My computer will not download any of my photos today.
Therefore I am left with words.

I am a person who loves the written word...but I love them much better accompanied by beautiful pictures...
I know this to be true of you as well..cause we bloggers love us some good eye candy!

Recently I found my daughter crying a soft sweet cry in her bed.
I was headed back in to turn out her light after she had been reading for awhile.
I asked her what was wrong.

I miss pictures... she said.
Pictures? I asked.
Yes momma now that I am reading chapter books there are no more pictures.


it does not fall far

Some of us just get life and learn from the beauty that we see.
You know you won't buy a cookbook either if it does not have great photos...I know you.
Think how genius it was of God to make beauty...and then eyes for us to take it all in...
and so gracious.
What a gift.
Appreciating all the beauty that is ours for the taking today...

...the beautiful glass jar full of shells sitting across from me
...the old chippy white and grey door hanging above my couch
...2 beautiful photos of my 2 beautiful kiddos
Ruby the grapefruit tree standing outside my window
Lucy our beast dog running out side
my wedding ring..it makes me smile
the old books stacked on my shelf
the fabulous huge floor lamp I scored at TJ Maxx
 amazing blue Florida sky
the load of unfolded laundry sitting infront of me (o.k. I won't get carried away)
the sign I painted..."It's a wonderful life"...
and it is...a wonderful life...full of beauty and blessing.

Enjoy seeing your day...add some words if necessary.

Love and picture books,


  1. We are also the same people who end up ordering the meal from the menu that we either saw a picture of or the table next to us order. So visual. Your words are pretty enough to fill a page! =)
    Happy Day!

  2. i agree with Patti. Your words painted a most beautiful picture. And what about our day today - is it not beautiful here or what today??