Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6- A ball jar and a wild boar.

Today I woke up with a nasty cold!
The kind where you have to stick a tissue up your nose to stop the running....
and keep it there.
(I know beautiful image.)
The kind where you have to keep your mouth open to breath.
The kind where you sound like a wild boar breathing.
The kind where you wish you had washed your hands just a few more times this season.

This is an awful picture...and I don't even care cause I feel like it looks!
We made this from an antique jar, drilled a hole in the top, added a push handle thingy, added soap and

It holds antibacterial soap.
I wish that I had taken the time to sing the Happy Birthday song while washing...
my kids do is so sweet to hear my M singing in the bathroom...while washing!
So I am back to my tissues.
(calling for blogger pity any and all accepted)

You can't catch a cold through a blog can you?
Praying you all wash and sing and stay healthy.

Love and Tissues,


  1. Gosh, I hope not! Feel better soon! {I love that soap pump!}

  2. Hang in there - it's going around - i think i went through 2 boxes of tissues last week by myself alone. but it was over quick - back to being good as...okay.

  3. I'm spraying my keyboard down with antibacterial spray as I type..just to be safe! lol You have my sympathy! Been there and did that two weeks ago!(yup during Christmas!) Had to prop my head up at night and put a big blob of vicks under my nose (which actually just stung like crazy and didn't actually aid in my breathing!) Feel better!! Green tea and Vit C chewables (not together, lol)..but strangely this always seems to pull me through faster.

  4. Love the soap pump!!Hope you get well soon.


  5. love that dispenser.
    looks perfect in your kitchen.

  6. I have the same soap dispenser and I just love it! Hope you're feeling better soon! ~Deb~