Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not to crabby but maybe a little shabby!

Yesterday...and today are glorious days here in Florida.
I mean every bead of sweat in the summer is worth days like these.
75 breezy and not a cloud in the sky...Heaven weather.
Not to shabby.

This is not from a color wheel.
I literally put my camera to the sky yesterday and snapped a picture.
Blue perfection.
I love blue.
It makes me happy not blue...

When I was deciding on what to paint for over our couch in our living room,
I kept coming back to ...the blue crab...I could not shake it.
I love the beach and everything in and around it.
It makes my senses and my soul come to life.
As often as I can I bring that into our home.
Thus...the blue crab.
Which by the way if you have never seen one in person...they are so vibrant have the most amazing colors of blue and grey and rust...just beautiful.

The crab makes me happy...not crabby.
I think it looks "coastal shabby"...
(I make up words all the time sometimes they make sense and sometimes not so much.."coastal shabby"
...i think it works do you?)
We are so pleased with how it came out.
It is huge..I took a picture further back so you can get an idea of its size.

(Do you see the dust on my coffee table!!!
I did not see it until just now...ugh!)

So I love things shabby, crabby and blue...they all make me happy...I know kind of sappy (had to).

My hope for you today is that when you look up... see blue...
...and if not don't get crabby...
...find something that makes you happy... a crab...
just not a crabby crab.

Love and (well I was gonna say...Love and crabs..but that just did not sound right)..sooo...

Love and Coastal Shabby Blue Crabs (better?),


  1. This is darling! I so hope to see blue today too.. Fingers crossed that the clouds disappear. Its been a very gray month.

  2. I LOVE your new sign! It's fabulous! So unique and it looks fantastic in your home!

  3. i really like that sign. you do great work!

  4. Love it! Looks like it was made for that space! You have a good eye!


  5. LOL Your Costal Shabby Blue Crab looks amazing!

  6. You are so right...days like this remind me of why we live here! It was so beautiful...really enjoyed the walk up to school :)

  7. glad you finally posted about your crab...

    and SO glad you didn't end your note with love and crabs. :)

    loved hanging with you today....

  8. I LOVE this sign so much! it's fabulous! And so is your living room! You are so lucky to live where it's sunny! I'm so sick of being cold! I could use a little bit of that blue sky in my life!

  9. Girl...the picture is absolutely breathtaking with the sun shining in just the right places! You know I love that "crabby" much, that I might just have to have one myself!

  10. Tracey - Love your sign - it looks perfect in your space with the ray of sunlight beaming in. The blue sky picture is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Stephanie lynn

  11. Haha! :)Love & Crabs?!
    LOVE the art~great job! What a Beautiful color of blue you saw in the sky!

  12. I think that crab is adorable, it's so cool looking. It's perfect there!

  13. So impressed! come on over and link up to MMM :)

  14. Okay, so I think I NEED this crab sign for over my couch! I love it! Adorable.

  15. I spotted your sign over at Completely Coastal and had to come by to tell you how much I love it! The size is great. Did you free hand it all? I just stenciled a crab on a towel recently. Something about them is so cute to me!