Saturday, January 8, 2011

Purple and Blue toes...

Girls morning out!
My M has never had a pedicure...
( I know...just so you know I did not have my first pedi until I was 32!)
So her bff, bestie, the girl she names all of her dolls after and plays house and school with whether imaginary or not....her cousin... (also known as M)...was in town this weekend.
We spoiled these 2 girl and took them to get their toes done.

They are as sweet as theses toes!
They giggled, told secrets and had the very best time!
I am so grateful for their relationship.
My prayer is that they will love each other their whole life just like they do now...
that people and places and Boys won't ever get in the way of their great love for each other.

Here is to the little girl in all of us!

Love and Purple and Blues toes,


  1. oh my sweet!

    I pray that they are close friends for always, too.

  2. This is a sweet post and makes me want to call my bestie, BFF, and cousin right now. We have lived our whole lives together and now our children are growing up buddies as well. It is a gift our families didn't even know they were giving us!

  3. So cute! Sam and I are going to do that for her upcoming b-day..and getting her ears pierced! Girl day outs are so much fun!