Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5-Lingering sweetness, a project and a menu....

You will notice a hint of Christmas still left in this 2011 home.
My M and I made this pink candy cottage...
(the boys made a tootsie roll cabin...with brown bear included).

Every time I go to throw it out I just can't.
We giggled and whispered and had the very best time.
She is as sweet as all of the candy on that gingerbread house!

Letting the memory of Christmas and the birth of Jesus linger.
He has come to bring GREAT news!
Not gonna pack him away with the ornaments!
Going to share his good news every chance I get.
On to house holdish like things...
The cork board above I made..real easy...I bought the frame already done at Hobby Lobby (LOVE),
and I added burlap to the cork board (found one to fit right inside the frame).
Really that easy!
It just keeps hold of recipes and reminders!

I know I told you I would share my recipes from our dinner with blog friends last night...
I was having so much fun I forgot to take a picture...can you believe it!

Anyway the menu was...
Shrimp cocktail
(btw the sauce for shrimp cocktail is ketchup and horseradish...that's it...really yummy)
Grilled romaine lettuce
(Olive oil, salt pepper...grill lightly...then reduce balsamic vinegar till syrup like, drizzle add blue cheese dressing...and tiny chopped tomatoes...yum!)
Roasted pork
(marinated in honey and teriyaki)
 Roasted veggies
(zucchini, onion, orange pepper, and carrots)
Roasted chive potatoes...with roasted garlic and chives...and of course butter!

It was great fun and great company...very blessed!

Love and a few random thoughts,


  1. So blessed by your friendship :) Last night was amazing...thanks for all the effort you put in to have us over! Love ya...on my way to Bern's!

  2. Love that board. Your blog always makes me smile...with your creative ways and words! I'm so happy to call you friend too =)

  3. Thanks for coming by Make Room For...and commenting so I could come to your cottage!

    We're not packing away Jesus either :)

    Such a sweet gingerbread house, at least you have photos and memories that will keep long after it is finally thrown away.

    I love your dinner bell, I grew up being called to dinner that way when we were playing outside and I've always wanted one!