Saturday, January 29, 2011

A chair, a bag...some sun and a friend.

It just so happened...
this morning I woke up and this is what I saw...
my favorite bag...on one of my favorite chairs...
with the sun just peaking through...

Simple moments...make the soul happy...
or at least this soul.
I have a friend...whose blog name is...

Check out her simple moments...
and enjoy this Saturday that will be full of them...if you have eyes to catch them!

Love and a simple bag on a chair,


  1. You know I love that bag! So darn cute :) I woke up this morning with two kiddos snuggled in bed with me...treasured the moment because I know it won't last.

  2. Thank you friend =)
    May all your moments be 'simply' wonderful!!
    Enjoy this amazing day!!! =)

  3. I enjoy posts like this one so very much. It's the little things throughout our days that make such an impact.

  4. That chair would put a smile on my face :) See!
    Nice when we recognize and appreciate the little things in life.


  5. favorite purse's warm now so bring it back out! :)