Sunday, January 30, 2011


Exciting news!
Do you remember how exciting it was to loose one of those two front teeth!
Tonight our princess lost her first front tooth.
She could not stop smiling and giggling and looking in the mirror.
Her tooth is snuggled underneath her pillow...waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive.
The excitement and anticipation of something simply magical!

Our house is full of that excitement this week.
One week from today we leave for a cruise on the new Disney DREAM ship!
We are traveling with our much fun!
Guess what else....I found out that my best friend from Jr. high ...
(who is one of those friends who life just would have never been the same without..)
....also planned a cruise unknown to either of us...and she is on the same cruise!!!!
Crazy God thing!
Needless to say we are singing ..."It's a small world after all..." (pun totally intended)

So....being that I committed to post each day...I wanted to keep that commitment.

More exciting news...
I have 4 wonderful people who will be guest posting for me.

Melaine...yes...Melaine from My Sweet Savannah...
(I told her when she said yes...I felt like a Rock Star just said she would sing at my sweet 16th Birthday...
I know so dorky...but sooo true...hers was the very first blog I ever looked at!)

Lissa from....Humble Pie...who is as sweet as pie!

Tara...from Between you and me...
...who I have called friend for well over a decade now and brings
joy into each of my days with her friendship.

And....Ashley...from ???????
She is working on her blog title...hilarious...she cannot decide...maybe you can help her!
Ashley is a new friend but it feels like I have known her since we were toddlers...sometimes souls click!
Make sure to go to her blog when she posts and click "follow"...
..she is the kind of person you will want to read and follow and I really want to help her build her readership!

So exciting?
I think so!
 So while I am basking in the sun...eating whatever- -whenever...dancing with M.I.C.K.E.Y....
you will have lots of fun reading these great posts from some great ladies!

I don't leave for a week...and tomorrow will post...
"Marriage Mondays".

Love and tooth fairy duties call,


  1. YAY!!! for Molly on another lost tooth!

  2. What does your tooth fairy bring?
    Growing up our family tooth fairy (my Dad said each family had their own) brought us books!
    Disney cruises are so much fun! My husband and I did one for our honeymoon!

  3. That IS an exciting tooth to lose!!! She's so cute!
    I'm so excited for you guys and your trip!! I love the way it all worked out with your friend. That is going to be a fun trip!!! =)